(FOCO) , Siem Reap


Friends of the Orphan Children Organization (FOCO) , During the trip to Cambodia , we have a short Visit to (FOCO) and bought some stationery to donate for the children In (FOCO) .
Our "tuk tuk" driver brought us here that we discuss in facebook earlier , we donate those stationery indeed of cash that we bought all the way from malaysia .

Donated : Colour Pencil , rullers , Exercise book , Pencils , Eraser , Sharpener and ball pen . 
Hope a small donation from us can help them in study for their good future .

Girls and boys room is separated from different block , there have few adult volunteer supporting and clean their bedroom everyday in (Foco).

Daily washroom or batHroom that used by the children . 

This Spot where the children having their meal everyday anytime , the large crock that fills the rice without anything on top and some flies was flying around on it . when we reach here was afternoon and the kids just come back from school day while having their lunch , the kids here was smart as they fill up the rice and having by their own , when i close up to see what their having for lunch , it's really broke my heart and my eye was wet for a while .

The childrens having just a hard boil egg , soy sauce with rice , no meat no vegetable . meanwhile we always having our meal with meat and vegetable all the time .

Total Of 29 Orphanage age from 3 years old to 12 years old that stay here in (FOCO) , most of the Orphanage parent still around but all of them having family problem example like broken family or really poor that can't raise the kids and alot story behind these kids , we felt sympathy for them .

(FOCO) art gallery , all the paint work in here was done by the Orphan for earning extra more foundation for the Organization funds . All The kids here was highly talented in art .

Smooth without bumpy road done by the (FOCO) in the village . 

The neighbours donate their land to build up few classroom for the orphanage and children from the village to learn english for free and thank to those warm heart english teacher as a volunteer to teach the kids english everyday . The english class normally will start from evening till night , Most of the kids from the village will attend the class but few of them was not absent . The community hope all of them get to learn good english to have a great english knowlegde in the future .   

Mr.Sophean is General Manager of (FOCO) , told us alot behind the scenes story about (FOCO) with full detail of how the Organization works . Me , myself was a volunteer for orphanage and Nursing home in malaysia feel the same for them . There's orphanage and nursing home at every corner of the world and I just do what I can do .
Hope that any reader that wanted to do some donation or contact , Please visit their official Website  http://www.focochildren.org/ Or maybe visit them during your Cambodia trip .  

Address: Mondul III Village Sangkat Slokram, Siem Reap Town, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Call: (855) 77 970 990 | 96 23 88 990
E-mail: info@focochildren.org
Website: www.focochildren.org


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