Dragon Fruit Farm , Sepang


Multi-Rich Pitaya Sdn. Bhd.  If you never see a dragon fruit or the plant before , here the place to experience it but there is not much to see beside dragon fruit plant . "Pitaya" mean dragon fruit .

Upon arriving at the location , only us and no others visitor around since it was a weekday . they provided free dragon fruit tasting and let us visiting around the Dragon Fruit Farm .

The price of dragon fruit is RM 8 per kg which is slightly expensive from the city market . If can , just buy a few just to avoid embarrassment since are there . When along all the way down to Sepang Gold Coast , there are plenty of dragon fruit stalls beside the main road that worth to buy those dragon fruit .

They petting monkey too , the owner feed dragon fruit for the monkey beside of Banana .

They sell Ice cream potong and juice that made from dragon fruit too .

As their growth continues, these climbing plants will find something to climb on, which can involve putting aerial roots down from the branches in addition to the basal roots. Once the plant reaches a mature 10 pounds in weight, the plant may flower . Pitaya flowers bloom overnight and usually wilt by the morning . The plants can handle temperatures up to 40 °C (104 °F) and very short periods of frost , but will not survive long exposure to freezing temperatures .

These penis shaped passion fruits are spotted here too , No one can explain how come the fruits come with this kind of unique shaped .

Don't hide , You are spotted!!


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