Lover's Bridge , Tanjung Sepat


The lover's bridge is a wooden pier that leads far out to sea, with a jetty at the end that allows fishing boats to dock at low tide. In the past, the bridge was likely a popular haunt for couples at night, providing the inspiration for its name. Today, it is a sightseeing attraction for visitors to gaze at sea, boats and the coastal stretch .

The most famous iconic landmark of this thriving fishing village, Lover's Bridge is claimed so, as it is dedicated to the faithful fishers' wives, the only spot to wait for their spouses to return from sea everyday . morphing from a solid concrete structure to a combined of wooden planks the further it reaches out to the ocean Straits of Malacca. The most scenic sight is not the bridge but the foliage, sea creatures, mangrove swamps at the waterfront. People usually don't swim here because the water is too muddy .

From the bridge, visitors have a view of the vast mudflats at low tide, with a little greenery towards the horizon. Even as you appreciate the surroundings, watch out for motorbikes coming down and up the narrow lane, transporting the catch from fishermen during the day and night .

The sea waters of Tanjung Sepat are murky and terribly polluted, perhaps a product of sewage and waste washing out from animal farms through the surrounding rivers .

We walked towards to the hut hang out a while take some awesome photo and enjoyed the breeze . We stood here for half hour and enjoyed the life of fisherman village style . It was great! The view from both sides were so nice .

Lover's Bridge souvenir store which was just before the bridge with walking distance away . what they called "Tanjung Sepat Local Product Store" .

Lover Bridge
Pekan Tanjung Sepat ,
Tanjong Sepat ,
Selangor , Malaysia .


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