Paya Beach Resort , Tioman


Oh Tioman !! , The second visit but different resort accommodation we staying for this time and with a group of old friend mix up with some new friend . Before this trip at Paya Beach Resort , our fisrt visit was at Salang Beach Resort Three years ago .

We decide to drive from Petaling jaya to Mersing Jetty in the middle of night at 3a.m , we drove two car that carried total eleven person on board , Loading bags and luggage at the back boot and everyone seat picked to ready to go with full of exited !!

Driving Route from LDP turn to ARA DAMANSARA using by SPRINT HIGHWAY then drive straight to PLAZA TOLL DAMANANSARA . Turn left at the split road as the road side is JOHOR BAHRU/MELAKA/KLIA , Merge onto New Klang Valley Expy/AH2/E1 Take the exit toward Putrajaya/Cyberjaya/KLIA/Johor Bahru , Continue onto ELITE/AH2/E6 , Take exit 612 on the right for E2/Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan toward Johor Bahru/Seremban/Nilai , Merge onto North-South Expy/AH2/E2 , Keep right to stay on North-South Expy/AH2/E2 , Take exit 244-Ayer Hitam toward Ayer Hitam/Kluang/Batu Pahat , Continue on Route 50. Take Jln Felda Nitar to Jalan Abu Bakar in Mersing Kechil, Mersing , Turn right onto Jalan Batu Pahat/Route 50 (signs for Kluang) Turn left onto Jalan Jemaluang/Route 3/AH18 , At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Jalan Abu Bakar . These directions are for planning purposes only . and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route .

We stop by in KLUANG at 6.30 a.m to get some breakfast at the local Restaurant that selling noodle and porridge , After done with our breakfast , we continue our journey to the destination that we wanted to be . 

The main road from KAHANG all the to Taman Tun Dr Ismail was not that smooth as highway , there was a lot left right sharp corner turn and bumpy road all the way . as a two lane of one way one lane road that will meet some slow moving lorry that wasted our times there . At The Taman Tun Dr Ismail T jUNCTION Turn to the left and drive further more for 20 minute and then we reached Mersing town and the jetty was just few minute drive from the town .

After collect our ferry boarding pass at one of the person in charge in MERSING JETTY and after that we need heading to Tanjung Gemok jetty at ENDAU to catch up our ferry departure to tioman .

There was two option of departure from mainland to Tioman island :
-Merisng Jetty -> Tioman Island  07.00a.m
-Tioman Island -> Merisng Jetty  05.00a.m
-Tanjung Gemok -> Tioman Island  11.00a.m(RM35)
-Tioman Islan  -> Tanjung Gemok  01.00p.m(RM35)

Departure at 7.00a.m was too early for us , so we took 11a.m departure at tanjung gemok . There was alot of jelly fish around the jetty while we boarding on the ferry .

The ferry ride from Mersing-Tioman-Mersing is 1.5 hour to 2 hour either one direction based on several stops/pickups along the island that is Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC, Panuba & Salang Jetties .

Paya Beach Resort

we book 3 deluxe room with a Queen size and double single Bed , 1 Room with Double decker for 4 person stay . for the deluxe was RM70 per pax for per night and the double decker room was RM49 per pax for per night .

Here have four duty free shop that sells cigarette and alcohol in Paya Beach Resort , The alcohol here was slighly expensive than Salang beach that i went 3 years ago and the local here said TEKEK Resort will be more cheaper on the Duty free stuff since there the place where the supplies comes and sells to others resort in Tioman .

karaoke anyone?? we didn't choose this activity since we alot more activity to do soon , RM35 per hour but didn't mention for how many person , No alcohol and no smoking in the room too .

Water activity service center , book your full day or half day snorkeling activity a day before , Full day package Rm90 with no lunch meal included and half day package RM55 with no lunch meal included too . As my advise , Get the full day 6 hours package with 5-6 spot island hoping , If half day 3 hours package with 3 spot island hoping and if the next day get again half day package , they will bring you to the same place as yesterday . 

I didn't capture any of our meal photo in Paya Beach Resort because it was just normal malay and chinese restaurant with ordering seafood . Resort Check in and put all our backpack get a short rest then .

The night view at the jetty , there was three fishing boat was parked at the jetty and sells their catch of day to the resort . thug life .

While my friend is fishing at the jetty and I have nothing to do with my D7000 on hand , I took some awesome photo beyond the sky with full of star . just like , Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars .

With my baby D7000 , Manual setting at F/35 , 30SEC. Exposure Time , ISO 200 , 3.6 Aperture and 18mm length to get this two awesome photo view , Unexpected!!

Day 2

Wake up At 8.00a.m , getting breakfast that provided by the resort , nothing special about the breakfast comes with fried noodles , bread toast , hot dog and ETC.

All aboard for the one day snorkeling package , what you expect to do on a island without snorkeling in to their beautiful coral with large group fish??

Snorkeling Gorgle , Check . Life Jacket , Check . Fins , Don't Need It . BEER , "BEER"?? , yup beer , Check!!!

Since eleven of us , the whole speedboat is ours without anyone that we don't know . Brought our own Bluetooth beats speaker and layan our hoegaarden while playing "New Thang" . anyone wanna onboard With us ?

crystal clear blue lagoon sea water , 1st stop on the other side of unknown island .

Second snorkeling spot , we spotted few spesies party of fish swim in a large group .

Lunch at salang beach , miss this place so much , I been here two years ago for four days 3 nights holidays .

Tot of having a seafood lunch at the chinese restaurant in salang but we run out of time and we get burgers as lunch .

Full day snorkeling have finish at 3p.m , all of us rush back to resort and get a refreshment bath and continue to chill out .

Feel boring after two hours of card playing , I decide to leave them behind and walk to the shore to capture the beautiful sunset .

The Beach front that own by Paya Resort Itself , The hut was purposely been build for those marriage couple or love bird to dine in with candle light dinner while facing the sunset , Romantic spot !!

The Meaning with caption , can anyone give a caption for this photo ?

We spent our time at the shore watching sunset and do some stupid thing around till dinner meal been served .

Day 3

We all wake quite late today and no activity been planed . so , today we will discover and snorkeling at our own beach infront of Paya Resort . here own the crystal water sea water too .

Water sport activity can be choose At the end of another side of the resort , only two water sport can be choose , Banana Boat and canoe as their water sport that their have .   :(

We choose canoe for the evening activity for 5p.m but now is still early afternoon when the hot sun splash down the shore that will burns the foot on the sand .

But we don't Really care how hot was the sun . let's get into the sea .

Sherlyn was unlucky when she step on the Spiky Sea Urchin , she was in hell damm pain and her foot is numb and can't feel anything , it's makes us feel panic too . We rush her to the beachboy nearby for help , I bet you don't dare to see how they solve it . we spend an hour to stay and take care of her , We discuss the moment when all of us was panic just now , She was in tears at first but comes wit laughter after that , Brave Girl .

Super Model wanna be , With the awesome scenery comes with exotic hut built out . she gets into the scene perfectly .

After Done With the spiky New Friend , we didn't waste our time and straight away Explore the other side of the resort , The scenery here was outstanding with nature and a sea water river flow to the mangrove .

A tiny small island that connected with the big island , cross by bare foot which the water level approach till knee . This baby island looks like not much visitor and makes us feel like we own the whole island .

It was sharp at 6p.m , time for Canoeing while catching the sunset , paddle crossing part of the island was really tiring activity and can feel our arm muscle is burning when alot energy needed . we was miss out paddling to the mangrove tru the river flow that I mention just now . when on the ferry heading back to Endau jetty , this china man show me the picture when they enter the mangrove and makes me feel jealous about it .

The last Night in tioman , After we done with dinner , all of us chill out at the Paya Resort lounge comes with sea breeze . We bought a net ealier to catch crab and baby octopus when the sea water goes low tied , we walk down with a torch light and search behind every rock to find out any living thing that will surprise us , in the end we caught a 6CM baby crab and 15cm leg measurement baby octopus , we release them back to the sea after we snap few photo .

When the night is getting late , the scenery view getting fantastic , the photo setting was -10s shutter speed .

Day 4

Going home day , Without filling our tummy with breakfast from the resort , we need to check out and return the key to the desk at 10a.m , have charges if check out not in time .

Thank you greeting sign and for sure we won't meet and come back here again . I will try out others resort if I have chances to holiday again in Tioman .

After Check Out , we when to one of the malay stall to get breakfast before the ferry arrive , waiting time passing for the ferry that been schedule at 1p.m , Finally ferry arrive at 2.45p.m and we waited at the jetty for ages till we find out own activity that keep on selfie , looking at others that fishing at the jetty .

I creating a new trend , "everyone look at the spec" , snap!! and I found out it was something creative .

Two vehicle transports with 11 monkeys , total with almost one thousand Kilometer journey and almost 12 hours ride . started from stranger to friend . what i said " There are no strangers here , Only friends you haven't yet met ". Good things happen when you meet strangers . Happy holiday that I had , folks!!!


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