Concubine Lane 二奶巷 , Ipoh


二奶 can be pronounce as Mistress too and they name it Lane of Mistress(二奶巷) , This place started become famous early this year from social network in malaysia and asia tourist spot .
everyone asked me , have you been there ?
I said no , I Didn't back to hometown recently due busy on work . Finally , I step my foot on 二奶巷 recently and 大奶巷 , both of them just beside each other .

You will spot This place easily if you know where is Thean Chun Coffee Shop (天津茶室) located at 旧街场 , 二奶巷 is just across the road from Thean Chun Coffee Shop (天津茶室) in Lorong Panglima . When old time Rich Chinese tycoons were supposed to have kept their concubines and mistresses in the townhouses here .

There was a history back at 1930's , Till Today a large-scale effort by the government to attract tourists to the place as part of a Heritage Trail, where visitors can capture and experience Ipoh’s rich history and colonial-influenced architecture . this is where the renewal of Ipoh’s old quarter to take place , making a good place to see how Ipoh is awake after a long slumber . Get To visit Concubine Lane for a slice of its rich culture and history , before it is lost forever .


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