Kuala Sepetang fishing village


Kuala Sepetang fishing village consists mainly of fishing villages and its economy is driven by related industries such as fish farms, shrimp breeding farms, boat building and also charcoal kilns .

Now, it is slowly becoming a popular eco-tourism spot for those keen on a walk through the Matang Mangrove Forest, some bird watching at the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary and naturally, a river cruise to visit some fish farms, catch a glimpse of the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin and after sunset, be enthralled by the magical blinking lights of the fireflies .

This area periodic fresh and saltwater inundation suitable for mangrove trees hence provided rich ecosystem and important breeding ground for marine animals . It's about 18km from Taiping town and driving normally took about half an hour .

Along the way to Kuala Sepetang you can saw mangrove trees along the road on your right side . Kuala Sepetang also famous for it charcoal make from mangrove trees , most of the high quality charcoal is exported to Japan .

Another interesting sight at fishing village is salted fish and dried shrimps . The produce is scattered evenly on a flat ground/surface to dry under the sun .

Another exciting thing to do is take a boat ride along the river. You’ll be able to see the fishing village up close, cruise through the forest, birdwatch and perhaps, if you’re lucky, spot a pink river dolphin!The Sousa Chinensis is a humpback river dolphin native Asia. They have either white or pinkish skin and they like to swim along with the boats sometimes .


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