7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015 are back this year with exciting shape & sizes of hot air balloons for the seventh year.

This annual Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta expected to receive more than 200,000 both local and international visitors.

This exciting fiesta is dedicated to all age groups and provides a fun day out for everyone and the perfect spot for parents to plan out their school holiday destination.

Ticket counter for entry balloon fire up area (RM12 per person)
A tethered ride means that the hot air balloon remains anchored to the ground and does not fly around freely but you do get the experience of seeing the burners ignite and you are lifted into the air. Due to limited tickets, access this year is only for those who sign up to the My Balloon Club package.last year was sell on that day that need to queue up and reach early in the morning before the sunrise up. 
All the participant (start Your engine!! ) at 7.15a.m , The Burner is like the engine of the hot air balloon. It is what propels the hot air up into the envelope to make the balloon move upwards into the air.
The command centre hot air balloon that command all the participant Hot air balloon to went up.

Many colourful hot air balloons in creative shapes and designs is take up to the skies over Putrajaya . On previous years there have been balloons shaped like Darth Vader, Felix the Cat, Garfield and other amazing designs.
Van Gogh balloon from Netherlands

Some 8 International balloonists from Korea, Belgium, France, UK and USA are expected to attend.

Everyone was invited to this free event to get a chance to experience in the fiesta’s eight areas. 

Hop in the tethered balloon rides or enjoy picnic style breakfast while balloons fly over us for the adventurous at heart.

In this year , a new area been added,MyBalloonClub , gets offer an option for visitors who would like to break away from the crowds and indulge in a gourmet breakfast buffet with the best view and for photo snap just To ensure a peaceful ambience but organizers limit the number of guests per session per day.

DIY drone was spotted flying around the hot spot
Helicopter Joy Rides (Orange Zone)
Once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Putrajaya from a bird’s eye view, the Helicopter Joy Rides are the fastest selling online tickets! This year with a brand new chopper with business class interior including a carpeted floor, large windows, air-conditioner and leather seats brought to you . This stunning aircraft seats up to 6 passengers excluding pilot with rides that lasting between 5-7 minutes.
F&B area (Purple Zone)
We came without a breakfast package need not worry about coming to the Fiesta on an empty stomach, as the food bazaar area is sure to hit the spot with the various delicious offerings from stalls.

Experience is not necessary to have an enjoyable day . They provide all equipment needed, and use lightweight recurve bows ensuring that everyone can have a go. the instructors will help all participants get started and support them to shoot safely whilst having fun. 12 shot (RM10).
Green Zone (Extreme Area)
Zone with Paintball, Wall Climbing, Mini Orb, Bumper Orb, Water Zorbing, Segway and KMX bikes and Kids Fun park.
Access Ticket hand band (RM12) for Blue Zone Entrance
7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015 Zone Layout
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