Bulabog Beach (Station 4), Boracay | Philippine

Kitesurfing in Boracay , it’s a way of life with Practiced by many people all passionate about one thing, to get out on the water and ride hard.
Two minute walk from my Hostel , MNL Beach Hostel
The vibe here is amazing , from kitesurfing in the early mornings on Bulabog beach, the time when everyone starts to have fun practicing their own thing.
Experience one of the most exciting and spectacular watersports - all training and Courses will be done by experienced and highly qualified kite instructor . In just a couple of hours you will learn all basics and techniques which will allow you to be able to kitesurf on the third day of your course!
Kitesurfing is one of the most fascinating sports, however due to the combination of the natural elements of wind, water and wave together with a kite flying in 25m height there are a number of risks. Every kiter should be aware of the fact that regularly some heavy accidents occur. Therefore a professional and competent instruction should be seen as the right start to learn this sport and enjoy the fun and the thrill.
At Funboard Center Boracay we have great conditions for Kite Instruction. All THE Kite Instructors are certified and trained in accordance with international guidance. the Instruction is based on the newest findings and they are teaching with modern equipment from Slingshot and Gaastra. As Safety comes first for them, all the instructors went through a competent training and certification. With a maximum of only 2 students per instructor a fast progress during the course is guaranteed for every beginner. Subject to the individual previous knowledge, a full course will last for 9 – 12 hours and even students without any precognition in Wake- or Snowboarding will be on the board and experience the first exciting moments of kitesurfing.


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