SpiceBird & Ti Braz and Damiana's Filipino Restaurant, Boracay | Philippine

Spicebird looks like newly open around the D'mall (Maybe) , everything here looks new and clean by the way....We were wandering around at D'mall looking for the right spot for late lunch when we stopped upon this restaurant.
Simple Menu with Quality Foods
Place is well-lit, ambiance is very cool, I love the table set-up very vibrant and lively.
Due to the great food & service , the service is quick, friendly & attentive , The food itself was savoury, well prepared , well thought out & delicious.

Ice Blended Mix Berry Less Sugar 
In addition they have 4 sauces to further tickle or make your palate sizzle. As described:1) Salsa Verde
2) Piri Piri sauce
3) Garlic & Lime
4) Hotbird sauce

Piri Piri Pork Board 
Piri Piri Shrimp Board

The meat was well seasoned. The pork is excellent. It is very tender and almost melts in your mouth.
Its a great place and all the food are fresh!Highly recommeded.
Needless to say it was incredible. Spicebird is a must when in boracay!We will definitely return here!
Ti Braz, Boracay's famous creperie and French bistro and is one of the first and oldest restaurants in the island . a twist to the familiar and traditional Filipino food.

Once we seat down , we can see through the two menus, cross order, and mix and match two cuisines under one meal. There are also delicious juices and smoothies here, and a whole wall full of fresh, yummy options for the homemade crepes made right in front of you.

Fuel (short for Fruits Used to Energize Life) Juice Smoothies
Pancit Miki Mihon

I was really impressed by the variety of food that you can order in this place. It is not like other restaurants in Boracay where you are limited to just a few choices. I will certainly come back here the next time I decide to have vacation in the island.


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