Station 1 & 2, Boracay | Philippine

I got an accomadation in White sand beach. This beach is probably the best one i ever seen. I recommend the Station 1, it's probably the best part of the entiere beach. Mainly, because there are no boats on the beach and is more quiet, so the beach is quite better than on station 2.....
This path is three to four kilometres long and as the name implies, runs alongside the world famous White Beach. The area between Station 1 and Station 2 is the reverse: it can be very crowded, particularly on a Saturday night.
The path is often traversed barefoot but I prefer to wear sandals, thongs or shoes. It is generally very clean and easy going, though slow at times because of the sheer number of people using it and the variety of walking speeds.

Philipines " Tau Fu Fah " 

Night walk at station 2 , after done my dinner at Andok's , we have a walk to the shop by the beach side and it was crowded at station 2...
Station 2 has a vibrant live music scene starting with Regency's full band on the beach, followed by Boracay Garden Resort which has alive show sing along style buffet restaurant. The Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel also has a full band you can enjoy while dining. 
Geting desert while walking along the street , fruit Creepe with one scoop of ice cream
Summer Place has different musical events along with DJ's , not to mention it's usually one of the last parties going on every night. D'Hobbit House has nightly performers. Bom Bom and Pat's Creek offer a very relaxed reggae environment with nightly performers  . Mint also has live music directly on the beach. Bamboo Lounge has regular fire dancers who will light your cigarette while twirling fire in your face.
It’s time for shopping at the night markets!
There are also plenty of stalls doing temporary tattoos and offering hair-braiding services.
The nightlife at Boracay provides a wealth of activities, and one of which you should not miss out on is the astonishing fire dance. Their sleek and brilliant moves are a result of strenuous training and long hours of practice.


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