Zetro ATV and Buggy Car & Happy Planet Zipline, Boracay | Philippine

THE RIDE that gives you total freedom in feeling the terrains of Boracay Island.
From hilly terrains to spectacular views on top of the hill.

ATV & Buggy car rentals are located in Barangay Yapak in BoRacay Island. Bookings can be arranged though your hotel’s information desk or tour guide in Boracay.

ATV is a motorbike and it requires you to have drivers license just to make sure you know how to operate basic motorcycle. However, in such areas like this, the authority is not particular at all so you can still do ATV without drivers license.
There will be a briefing for 5 mins before the actual ride. To teach you how to operate, to let you know the 5 stops and safety precautionary measures.

After filling up the forms We started the ride with a guide(Guide included).
The rides was fantastic through rough roads going up to the highest peak of the island, MT Luho.

It had a push-button at the right side of the handlebar which you have to push to speed up (contrary to the squeeze-throttle motorcycles have).
How much per person?

Regular price of ATV and buggy car ride is 750 PESO (RM60) per hour plus MT.LUHO view point . can get more cheaper at some of the places around 500-600 Peso . (Prices may change without prior notice
The Zipline Experience 
my First Experience , Looking for exciting things to do in Boracay? Do you love nature? This adventure is an excellent way to feel the rush of an amusement park ride right here in Boracay Island!

Enjoying a spectacular view with a spike of adrenaline that will make for an everlasting memory. With an elevation of 80 feet above sea level and a cable distance of 250 meters, it is designed to enable two riders attached to harnesses and pulleys to simultaneously traverse from top to bottom on a declining hanging cable.

Lying flat on my stomach, I was wrapped in a full body harness with only my arms free to move about and my neck craned to soak in the view.
I heared the attendant counting down , 3 - 2 - 1 , and I’m off. Flying over a golf course and resort with a view of the ocean on the right .... the fun time is over too quickly in 30 seconds from one platform to another ...

Then this is the cable car that will bring us back to the actual platform that we start , wonderful view from the cable car slowly go back till end... 900 peso ( RM72 )

OH yEAH !! wE DID IT!!

Honestly said , at first I was scared to try but desperately wanna have a brave shot .
After been challenge by friend , I accept his challenge !!

I feel proud and satisfied with the experience that I had on superman Zipline .

"Keep calm conquer Your fear , You can do it!!


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