Sa Nang Manora Waterfall น้ำตกสระนางมโนราห์ | Thailand

Sa Nang Manora is a forest park in southern Thailand . It covers an area of 0.29 km² of the Khao Thoi-Nang Hong Forest , Nop Pring subdistrict , Mueang district , Phang Nga Province , about 4 km north of Phang Nga town . The park is on mostly plain terrain with few hills , with the Sa Nang Manora waterfall at the hill Khao Thoi .
The waterfalls are nothing spectacular but combined with the jungle setting , the peace and quiet , it's a little slice of paradise . Situates inside the Koh Thoi Nang Hong National Forest Reserve area in Tambon Nop Pring, covering a total area of 72 acres . The park is covered with evergreen of rain forest with streams flowing down through the valley. The different altitudes of the landscape result in many small waterfalls .
Many economic plants are grown here; such as, Malacca teak, ironwood, and Champa Pa – Magnolia elegans. Its fauna include Sumatran serow, monkey, langur, bear, tiger fish, soro brook carp, and soft-shelled turtle. The name of the forest park is based on a folk tale that 7 Kinnari sisters flew from Kailasa Mount to swim in the pond here and the youngest sister, Manora, was caught by the loop of Hunter Bun who took her to offer to Prince Suthon .
In addition, the Park also provides a nature trail with natural interpretation signs of its flora and fauna along a distance of 2 kilometres, taking approximately 1 hour. No guide is needed . there is no accommodation available but a camping area is provided but visitors must bring their own tents and camping equipment .

Opening hours: 8am-5pm

Contact: Sa Nang Manora Forest Park, Tambon Nop Pring, Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga, Phang-nga 82000. TEL. 02-562-0760.


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