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Motac to attempt Malaysia book of Records entry for " Longest underwater human chain by scuba divers in Pulau Bidong , Terengganu "
Kuala Lumpur , 4th September 2017 - The ministry of tourism and Culture today announced that it will be attempting an entry into the Malaysia book of records for the category of " Longest Underwater Human Chain by Scuba Divers . " The attempt will be lead by the Deputy Minister of Tourism & Culture , YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin who is also an ardent diver herself .
To be held from 6th September - 8th September 2017 in Pulau Bidong  , Terengganu , the group of 200 certified scuba divers will attempt to set a record for an overall number of scuba divers as well as a special attempt by lady scuba divers . A group of persons with Disabilities Scuba Divers is also considering to join the attempt to set the record .
The record attempt is ecpected to bring together Malaysian scuba divers in an event that includes activities such as Underwater and Beach clean ups . Registration is now open to the first 200 scuba divers to register online at : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckXSbVxVoZpPsKiOCM9V_ySnSHnaQSLtJQ1FRKgvQltK98ug/viewform . The organizers may also be contacted at 0192111258 & 0172111792 .
" Scuba Diving is an acclaimed Tourism product and is set to put Malaysia as a scuba diving paradise for the world to explore " said Datuk Mas Ermieyati . "These scuba diving records have been set and broken a few times already with the latest one set in italy this year in May with 308 divers , forming a 270 meter long human chain and we hope to start something here locally to help promote Malaysia to scuba diver " .
Fact Sheet - Record Dive 2017
"Longest Underwater Human Chain by Scuba Divers"
"Longest Underwater Human Chain by Lady Scuba Divers"
1 . Scuba Diving In Malaysia certifies approximately 30,000 divers annually .
2 . Scuba diving in Malaysia brings thousands of divers to approximately 50 Malaysian islands both on the peninsula and sabah & sarawak .

3 . Set and broken Longest Human Chain Under water world records :
2013 - 110 divers set the record on the record on the Reunion island in the Indian Oceon .
2015 - 173 italian divers broke the record on October 3rd 2015
2016 - 278 divers set new record on 2nd October 2016 in Limassol , Cyprus
2017 - The current longest human chain underwater consists of 308 divers , achieved in Cesenatico , Forli - Cesena , Italy . On the 14th May the attempt took place , making a 270 meters (885.83 ft) chain underwater . This attempt included participants of different ages and participants with disabilities , all of them with a common passion , Scuba diving . The participant remained underwater for a total of 26 Minutes .
4 . Those Records were set and broken on the world stage but we aim to set our own record here in Malaysia to promote scuba diving organized by ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia - Managed by Scubatex Resaurces Sdn Bhd & MuslimahDivers International .

5 . We are today launching the Recruitment Drive to register divers who would like to set this record . Registration Fees is RM399 per participant and includes Malaysia Book Of Record . Certificate , land & sea Transfer ( Kuala Lumper & Merang , Kuala Terengganu ) , Meals and Accommodations .
6 . Records Dive Attempt details :
 - Date   :  7th October 2017
 - Venue :  Pulau Bidong , Terengganu
 - Target :  200 Divers

Online Registration : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckXSbVxVoZpPsKiOCM9V_ySnSHnaQSLtJQ1FRKgvQltK98ug/viewform
Further info call / whatsapp : 0192111258 / 0172111792
Our Deputy Minister of Tourism & Culture and Muslimahdivers Founder will lead the longest underwater human chain by scuba divers and also the longest underwater lady diver chain for Malaysia Book of Record . Scuba diving Session together with expert Divers and Deputy Minister of tourism and Malaysian culture - Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin .


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