Muar River Cruise & Dataran Tanjung Emas , Johor | Malaysia

Tanjung Emas Recreational Park overlooks the Muar River and offers many adventures for those seeking to get close to nature and have some family fun . A popular weekend spot, the park also houses the 9-hole Tanjung Emas Golf Club for those so inclined . The Johor government is developing Muar river bank into the 'River Cruise' as another tourist attraction to the district .
A 45-minute to one hour Muar River Cruise departs from the park , offering tourists a tour of Muar town on the river . Nearby is Tanjung Ketapang, just next to Tanjung Emas which faces the international shipping lane of the Malacca Straits .
Palace Of Muar
Tanah Muar Office
 Maharani Riverview
 Morning Market
Capacity of 40 Pax and safety jackets provided during the cruise . Along the cruise journey , you are able to view the skyline of Muar city with a several Muar famous historic buildings on the riverbank  . Muar town is unique and many historical remains .
Special rental services are also available at a rate of RM450 plus packages for school students . The boat ride is from Tanjung Emas Jetty at the Muar River to the Second Muar Bridge at Parit Bunga and the boat will return to Tanjung Emas Jetty again .
The boat ride Muar River is indeed an interesting and unique thing especially to lovers of historians to have more info and evidence of historical legitimages as studied Fort Bentayan which became the fortress of the Sultan of Malacca in 1511 .

Dataran Tanjung Emas
Dataran Tanjung Emas is a public square within Taman Tanjung Emas . The centrepiece is a pavilion with a tower overlooking Sungai Muar . Since August, 2016, the pavilion has a mural called Bangsa Johor . Various types of recreation held here like jogging and walk around . it is a nice location for photo shoot like wedding photo . Even during the night , this place become family to enjoy together or rest together in this square .
When HRH The Sultan of Johor officially proclaimed Bandar Maharani Muar as the royal town of Johor, HRH The Sultan also placed a time capsule at the Dataran Tanjung Emas to commemorate the occasion . For prosperity’s sake, the time capsule contained a copy of the declaration proclaiming Muar as the Royal Town, a copy of the constitution of the State of Johor, and a replica of the Muar State Commissioner’s flag .

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