Pasar Karat ( LOKEN ) , Ipoh | Malaysia

Why People are here is Finding Memories In Loken Market
Heard quite few time and read about this place moment ago , This place was to focus of the locals but also foreign tourists . Pasar Karat ( LOKEN ) operating only on Sundays that Start as early as 6.30 am and close at 1.00 pm . The market area about 2 kilometers long and wide . If you visiting Ipoh , do not miss this opportunity to take a walk at Loken Market . The people have been told about this Loken Market .
Loken Market is an open market that sells all kinds of goods , especially old and antique goods . Hence there is also someone who calls it Ipoh rusty Market . Loken is the nickname given by visitors since long before because of taking in the name of Lam Look King Bazaar at Jalan Admiral near the site of the rust market origin . Then transferred to the edge of the Kinta River .
Now the Rusty Market is located along Horley Street . Meaningful in the history of Loken Market has moved three times . The Loken market is now given a new breath called Memory Lane . But the population is still compatible with the Loken Market . It's a unique name , it's also a local nostalgia . They used to sell only old items those days but now there are clothes, electrical appliances , computer utensils , food , beverages , fruits and even ornamental fish .
Most traders exhibit their sales items on mats laid under their umbrella . A few lanes around Horley Street were filled with hawkers . Some of them open without an umbrella while they put their stuff on a small base . Even on the sidewalk can make business , Simple and concise . Packed with Visitors when I visited today . There are some spot that are crowded because visitors who are there may found something memorable stuff that will Look for a long time . Some stop for a moment because of taking photos or like a author me . Various of races and ages can be seen in this market , There are also children who come with their parents . In commercial language it is called a heritage item or antiques . Setting foot here seems to be back in time of my childhood but I'm not that old la .

Pasar karat Ipoh ( LOKEN )
Address : Jalan Horley, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, (Gerbang Memory Lane).
Hours : Sunday Only, 6AM - 1PM

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