PPT Muar Hotel , | Malaysia

Container Hotel is a new accommodation under the management of PPT Muar Hotel which is also a hotel located in Muar , Johor. What is interesting, this hotel is located in the small town of Johor .
At the ceiling , their ingenuity in painting it into a canopy of mock sky as an illusion of spaciousness . I found my room easily and I’m amused that the number is creatively engraved on a stainless steel plaque designed in the shape of a trailer and container .
The centerpiece in the lobby is a grand staircase that leads upwards and splits to the right and left to the first level, with a symmetrical set of stairs to the second floor.  I like the solid feel of the steps .
We been given a handy see-through pouch that contains the room key , air-conditioner remote control , a paper of password . To enter the lobby of the PPT Container Hotel , at the main entrance room key tap needed to enter the premise .  I’m glad this security measure will limit entries to registered room guests only . And with the card to tap open our room door .
There are several types of comfortable accommodation provided by Container Hotel , Perhaps you can make this accommodation a place for you to stay overnight for work or planning to travel with family and friends . It is also the location of choice for newly married couples to make photoshoot of wedding photos .
In the suite bathroom , toiletries including toothbrushes , A flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall while the coffee and tea making facility is in a tray on the dressing table . vacuum flask is provided for us to enjoy hot and cold water from a number of dispensers located at intervals on the landing outside .
The exterior of the containers remain virtually unchanged as the original brand names have change , like EVERGREEN is reworded EVERYDAY . With the original colours retained and the containers neatly stacked , the façade looked colourful and cheerful . Windows and balconies are cut into the walls probably to make the containers feel less claustrophobic inside . The reception desk is on the ground floor of the adjacent PPT Muar Hotel .
The Container Hotel gave me an unforgetable experience of staying in a comfortable and exclusive container , where I saw the surroundings in the area of the hotel so beautiful and clean . With the proper use of color and decor within the hotel makes it very attractive and unique .
From Muar town, head to the roundabout for Jalan Bakri, Jalan Kesang and Jalan Arab, and take the route to Jalan Bakri . The hotel is on your right .  If you are heading to Muar via Jalan Bakri , the hotel is on your left , just before reaching the town .
PPT Container Hotel
Address : No. 41-3 Jalan Bakri , 80400 Muar, Johor
Contact : +606 – 953 9999 / Fax +606 – 952 3377
Email : ppt2hotel@gmail.com
Website : pptmuarhotel.gbs2u.com


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