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UK Farming Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2003 with just 2 acres of land until today it's spread to 100 acres located in Parit Yaani , Johor Malaysia . Their Jamnapari goats were imported from Indonesia and the initial business involved the production of fresh goat’s milk , goat’s meat and commercializing toiletry products .
Upon The arrival , We been served lunch with delicious dishes with seafood , Chicken and also their home grown grade A Imported Goat .
Mr.Goh Won the GOLD AWARD AGRO TOURISM DESTINATION 2017 for UK Farm Agro Resort .
The mini bus that bring us around on farm tour . Mr.goh himself guide with us along the tour .
The first attraction is "Sheep Grazing". You will see the whole herd of goats galloping towards to the field for food . Their barn is 2-storey high where the goats will be placed on the first floor and their feces and pee will go down to the ground floor .
We get to feed the goat here , Everyone get a chance to feed any goats they prefer at a designated session with just one milk bottle . It is chargeable if you want more , There are a lot of type of goats here and they are staying together .
The big acres of grass land to feeds the Lambs and Goats in UK Farm .
This is the milk processing factory which is located not far from the barn earlier . The machine is using air pressure to suck the milk out from the doe and stored in an air-sealed stainless steel bucket . Just beside the milk sucker , This is also the place where the milk will be processed and pasteurized at 69 degrees Celsius before it is safe for human to consume .
We given a bottle to test the goat milk which in Original , Chocolate and yogurt flavor . The taste was not strong as I expected , accepted taste with smooth liquid .
Another attraction which is the small Jakun Village (Kg.Asli) . Mr.Goh employed a family from the Jakun tribe to live here . So the Jakun builded some wooden houses on this piece of land to let's visitor for visit and know some knowledge how oranf asli daily life in the jungle .
He will demonstrate how sharpshooter he is to shoot down a balloon using their traditional weapon which is known as "Sumpit" and the traditional dance .
The family built the wooden house and tree house here. Inside the Jakun Village, there is a display trap to catch the large prey .
He is the founder of the business but works together with his staff on his 100-acre farm — UK Agro Resort . Mr. Goh Un Keng , who is the managing director of UK Agro Resort here , he state every detail and history about the resort . From As a small scale goat breeder on three acres of land in Parit Yaani in Ayer Hitam in 1996 and now He expanded to his current 100-acre site . A friendly while willing to share his experience and knowledge also generous person , Love his speech when he speak in the information room .

UK Farm Agro Resort
Address : Plot 8, Project Pertanian Moden Kluang, 
KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, Johor , Kluang
Contact : 07-759 7555
Hours : 9AM - 6PM

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