Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond 天然大鱼钓鱼场, Tanjong Malim, Perak | Malaysia

The Behrang Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond , they stocked exotic species like the Asian Redtail Catfish , Amazonian Catfish , Aligator Gar , Arapaima, Pacu , Sultan Fish , Wallago , Mekong Catfish , Chao Praya Catfish , Rohu and Carp . To understand the diet of each species will need a good preparation . Before here , they are located in Rawang but has closed down recently and move to Behrang with more larger and Comfortable atmosphere . In addition , all the in the pond here are fish that are rarely found in Malaysia . The price of the entrance fee package is RM100 for one fishing rod 4 hours , The Fish are more active during early morning and late evening . There are few Rules here like all the fish must be Catch & Release after caught and open for 24 hours . only single hook is allowed .
This place is to fulfill the dream of fishing tackle against the fish and creating their own personal records . For preparations for the bait , those who prefer to use the traditional bait the pool allows the use of chicken liver , chicken belly , chicken and sardines and can buy live small fish too . The size of the hook should be 3/0 and above and thick eye .

Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond 天然大鱼钓鱼场, Tanjong Malim, Perak 
Address : Lot 13305 , Jalan Wawasan Dagangan 2 , Bandar Behrang 2020 , 35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak .
Contact : 019-644 5292
Hours : 24 Hours

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