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Refarm is a 26-acres recreational farm , located in Kampar, Perak and about 4 kilometers away from Kampar town , situated beside the route towards Temoh & Tapah town . Refarm is surrounded by hills and forests. The waterfall inside the forest is a precious resource for us. With a total length of 1.2 kilometers piping system connected with the upstream of the waterfall to supply the cleanest water for the crops and animals including the chicken , fish and goats .
In Refarm , they produce organic fertilizer . In which we recycle the animals and plants’ excrement and residue , turned into manure through fermentation process . Manure is the best and most environmentally friendly fertilizer which provides sufficient nutrition to the crops to grow, eventually the crops will become the finest and healthiest food .
Refarm Restaurant provides the fresh-from-farm and delicious food on your dining table . Your health is the primary concern hence Refarm always gives its very best in providing the best ingredients to cook most delicious culinary . These ingredients also included Refarm’s own produced vegetables , fish and chicken . Refarm Restaurant is furnished with air conditioner . There are segregation of smoking area and non smoking area and more comfortable dine in environment . And a Pork-Free Restaurant .
Refarm’s provides the most creative and thoughtful accommodations : The Cave For 2 pax , The Brick For 6 pax , The Cabin For 4 pax , Villa Stay For 6 pax , Individual Package / Pakej Individu Room with Breakfast Surcharge is applicable for Weekends & School Holiday seasons .
Stingless bees , sometimes called stingless honey bees or lebah Kelulut in malay , are a large group of bees comprising the tribe Meliponini or subtribe Meliponina . They belong in the family Apidae , and are closely related to common honey bees , carpenter bees, orchid bees , and bumblebees . Meliponines have stingers but they are highly reduced and cannot be used for defense , though these bees exhibit other defensive behaviors and mechanisms . Meliponines are not the only type of "stingless" bee . honey which comes from stingless bees, or meliponines , contains up to 10 times more antioxidants than regular honey . That makes it a superfood adding that the high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants in such products were claimed to be beneficial for health .
Time tunnel in ReFarm Kampar provided a variety of history and memorable events which related to kampar , for instance some real portrayal of dulang washing and dulang lady from the Perak Press Club .
Refarm’s objective is to provide a place for you to unwind yourself from the stressful urban lifestyle , and experience the farming lifestyle which money can’t buy . So, here we are, we have a series of activities for you and your family and friends to consider : Paddling Pool , Cycling , Planting organic vegetables and fruits ,  Fishing . Flying Kite , Jogging , Pedal Boat , Jungle Trekking Photoshooting at the Waterfall area Explore varies types of plants and tress of the rainforest .
There's a mini zoo , fish pond and turtle pond . More animals for the mini zoo that have more lively animals around , Feeding zone : fish , chicken , goats , rabbits , turtles and swans .

Refarm , Kampar
Address : Lot 6059, Jalan Temoh Kampar ,
Temoh Kampar, Malaysia/, 35350
Hours : Wed - Monday 9am - 6pm 
Close on Tuesday 
Contact : 012-502 6115

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia for accompanying us , and also thanks to Perodua Msia , Wangi World Malaysia , Canon Malaysia , 888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us… 


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