Kukup Island , Pontian | Malaysia

Kukup Island in Malay Pulau Kukup is a mangrove island located at about 1 km offshore from the 150-year-old fishing village of Kukup in Pontian District , Johor , Malaysia . The area of the island is 6.472 square kilometres and is surrounded by 8 square kilometres of mudflats .
History Of Kukup Island -
An old Malay legend has it that the island was once the abode of five celestial princesses. Their peaceful existence was shattered one day when one of them fell in love with a sailor, and against all device, eloped. A dreadful curse befell the place, and the island was engulfed by the sea. It later re-emerged. However, unlike every other island around Johor, this one was totally covered in mangroves . From time to time, people have tried to settle on the island, but without success. Some say it is because the island is the gateway to the spirit world. Whatever the case may be, the island remains uninhabited to the day .
In an area steeped in history , An important regional trading post at the turn of the century . Kukup is synonymous with tales of vanquished pirates , enterprising early pioneers , an abrupt decline in fortunes that very nearly reduced the place to a ghost town , and its subsequent revival as a modern-day tourist-hub .
The island shelters an extraordinary array of wetland-associated plant and animal life . And this is where the patient eye and a quiet mind are key . Concealed by the dense foliage, the  residential birds would rather be heard than seen , their timeless call echoing though the woods. The abundant vegetation is a magnet for many kind of creatures , from the playful mudskipper and the industrious crab . Visitors can get a closer view of wildlife and the green environment by strolling through the park via the Board Walk.
The scenery is lovely too here . The six-storey airy offers visitors a bird’s eye view of the island , and from the park’s popular suspension bridge , one can appreciate the rustic beauty of Kukup on the mainland . Pulau Kukup status as a remote hinterland changed in the 1990’s when scientists began focusing on island’s rich biodiversity and unique ecological characteristics.In the interest of preserving this unique habitat , Kukup Island was gazetted a national park in March 1997 . visitors get to tour around the mangrove forest and view the 27 species of mangrove as well as other animals such as the long-tailed macaques, dusky lead monkeys, the smooth otter and wild boars. But in terms of wildlife, birds get all the attention as there are up to 76 species of birds that call this park home. Among them are the collared kingfisher, grey heron, brahminy kite, redshank and greenshank .
Upon arrival at Kukup, visitors can get in to Pulau Kukup National Park with a short boat ride for RM 5 per person from Kukup mainland Jetty  .

Seafood is another main draw to the National Park, visitors usually drop by at Kukup town for seafood before heading home .


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