RV Luxury Coach By PS Holidays , Johor Bahru | Malaysia

Travelling across Malaysia in a mobile luxury apartment complete with living space, kitchen, bedroom and even toilet . Although uncommonly found in Malaysia , but we have in Johor Bahru , Malaysia that Brings the culture of mobile travelling to experience .
Primma Sierra Holidays Sdn Bhd owner Mr.Chua Poh Kok is been in the tourism industry for almost three decades , refurbished three of his tour buses into mobile luxury buses , giving the public to hoop on the journey . His luxury recreational vehicles (RV) , the first to be offered to the public , are inspired by a similar RV owned by Tunku Mahkota of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim .
Into the Luxury RVs , a Hino RK model from Hino Motors with 8,000cc is fitted with three engines . Nippon Denso engine for the air-conditioner and a 25 kilowatt generator for the electrical system and all the electrical appliances in this bus are Sirim-approved . The road tax for this RV is cost about RM6,750 per year .
In the RV have a king-sized bed , bathroom , toilet , kitchen with electrical cooker and sofas . Including a karaoke set for the whole journey entertainment . The RV weighs over 12,000kg and is 2.6m wide , 12m long and 3.6m tall . It can accommodate 12 people for a one-day excursion or eight people for overnight stay .

The rental rate with a starting price of RM2,500 per day , inclusive of personal driver, toll and parking fees and other facilities .

Get much more information about RV Luxury Coach or PS Holidays Tour at :
Website : PSHolidays.COM


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