Desaru Fruit farm , Johor | Malaysia

Desaru Fruit Farm Agro Tourism tropical fruitland in Malaysia that occupies a splendid area of 100 acres(45.5 hectares) planted with over 120 species  of tropical fruits which includes both seasonal and non-seasonal fruits) .
Seasonal fruits are like Durian, Rambutan, Pulasan,  Mangosteen, Roseapple, Guava, Passionfruit, Jackfruit, Abiu Fruits, Pineapple, Mango, Limau Kasturi, Soursop, Breadfruit, Thousand Fingers Banana, Brazilian Longan and many more, which are available throughout the year .
The exotic farm offers several packages . All packages come with comprehensive guided farm tour that includes lunch , fruits or accommodation at selected beach resort at Desaru . But before we set out for the ATV ride , we been servrd with huge variety of fresh fruit that freshly picked from the farm itself . All trees are planted and harvested the most environmental-friendly way as they practice sustainable tourism of biological control by using organic compost as the plantation’s fertilizer .
Tour package starts from
- Fruit Packet - RM26.50 (adult) and RM21.20 (child from 3 to 12 yo) .
- Deluxe Tropical Fruit Fiesta - RM42.40 (adult) and RM35 (child from 3 to 12 yo)
- OutDoor Lunch & Tropical Fruit Fiesta - MYR 58.30(adult) and MYR 50.80 (child from 3 to 11 yo)
There are also a lot of Tour package that available .
The whole area also included a petting zoo, koi fish pond and other attractions, a visit here promises an interesting experience for the whole family . Learn how to select good fruits, and try out local fruits such as the jackfruit, honey orange, water guava, soursop, and yes, the king of fruits - the durian.You may even purchase some of your favourites. Good agricultural practices ensure that the fruits here are of the highest quality .
Come over for a half-day tour, or spend a night or two with the available packages. Opening hours are 8am to 6pm daily. Advance group reservations are recommended . Having been in operations over 10 years, Desaru Fruit Farm Kota Tinggi is endorsed by the board of Tourism Malaysia and has been recognized for its efforts relating to agro-cultural practices and conservation .

You may be hesitant in thinking an agro cultural destination would be less of an adventure, but until you’ve given it a try you’ll be pleasantly surprised at fun you can have while discovering agriculture and nature through education . Surely this is an area we can all benefit from as city life rarely gives us an opportunity to truly appreciate all our local tropical fruit tree species and plants .
Desaru Fruit Farm Trading (Malaysia)
Address : 92 , Sungai Cemaran, Desaru
81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor Darul Takzim
Contact : 607-8308017 / 8223886 / 8225886 / 0127721817Steve


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