New Attraction Place at SkyAvenue 2018 , Resort World Genting | Malaysia

A galore of exciting activities and new attractions to explore at Sky Avenue in this year of 2018 . Located at Level 4 of SkyAvenue Mall , we went to visit live dinosaurs , zombies , Ripley's , Video Games park and Alive Museum to keep us entertained .

PlayTime! Video Games Park

For all arcade lovers , Take part in the Spacetime Squad Virtual Reality game where players are required to defeat a horde of flying evil robot destroyers . Other cutting edge games include the highly competitive PacMan Battle Royale , Star Wars Battle Pod , Jurassic Park, and Storm Racer G .

Alive Museum

Alive Museum is a place for photo taking in indoor theme park . Commissioned by artists from South Korea, this attraction has wonderful 3D images as well as 4D trick art that will engage families and friends with optical illusion art .

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium houses some of the wackiest and weirdest items we’ve seen . With over 400 exhibits to marvel at , there are Artefacts of lost worlds , a Vampire Woman,  Mike the Headless Chicken , lucky charms and many more .

Jurassic Research Centre

Jurassic Research Centre is a must-visit , History that step back 65 millions ago , into the land before time when the prehistoric creatures ruled the world . See if you can identify the various species of dinosaurs spread at the location such as the Brachiosaurus , the Triceratops or even the sabre-toothed tiger . You’ll also come across a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex before you enter the fossil laboratory filled with detailed inscriptions of dinosaur fossils .

Zombie Outbreak

Beware of the zombie attack when you enter the Zombie Outbreak! Those who seek shelter in an abandoned house will find themselves in a new terror at every turn . The venue is designed as a maze to keep you – the survivors – on edge. The undead have your scent and they have a ravenous desire for your human flesh .

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle, intentional touch that assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being . Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care .


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