The Wetlands Kampung Belukar Durian , Johor | Malaysia

Kampung Belukar Durian is a popular destination for freshwater shrimp fishing and it is covered with freshwater swamp forest . It is located in the southeast of the state of Johor . This Sedili remains a untouched river catchment area . Rare flora and fauna can be found in areas like 'Water Trumpets'. Many activities can be done such as mangrove re-cultivation, safari rivers , exploring sandy beaches , collecting clam and marine shellfish crafts and many more .
A bit of background on Kampung Belukar Durian , this unique name of this village was said to be in conjunction with the discovery of a durian tree when Sedili Kecil people explored the forest area for new settlements . When exploring, they only found a very large durian tree in the middle of the forest . So it is the name of Kampung Belukar Durian . In order to equip knowledge and equip human capital to Kampung Belukar Durian community, KEJORA also conducts courses, seminars, workshops and study tours.

The uniqueness and privilege of Kampung Belukar Durian in terms of its eco-system has attracted KEJORA (Southeast Johor Development Board) to implement various developmental developments in the development of rural tourism infrastructure facilities , development of tourism economic projects as well as human capital development to locals based on tourism . Among the village tourism infrastructures that have been developed up to 2014 are staycation, toilets, boardwalks, observation towers and open halls . While the economic projects that have been developed are 2 units of kiosks, 3 units of tour boats and 7 units of chalets . The Wetland Kampung Belukar Durian has its own unique and besides that there can be a lot of group activities and families in there .
Kampung Belukar Durian is a hotspot for freshwater prawn angling, as much as it is for romantic picnics and water-based activities .
The mangrove tours to be such a good experience , Previously expected it to be one of the many simple boat ride thought the mangrove but this one surpassed expectations . Particularly outstanding were the knowledge and friendliness of the guides .
Visit to Horseshoe Crab Breeding & Hatchery Farm
It's scientific name "tachypleus gigas" , It's a unique species that has existed for over 200 million years and led the dinosaurs with the oldest fossils of about 475 million years . As the Horseshoe Crab is an exotic animal species that is extinct , then the Ministry of Agriculture and Agroforce encourages the breeding of Horseshoe Crab in our country . Horseshoe Crab is an animal that lives in salty sea and also in freshwater swamp areas , Horseshoe Crab often lie on the coast and it is very easy to catch because it does not bite .
Experience finding Clam the best possible activity in Wetland Kg Belukar Durian too . 

Sedili Wetlands
Address : kompleks the wetlands,kampung belukar durian, 
sedili kecil, 81910, Kota Tinggi, Johor
Contact : 013-702 6327 / 019-738 0372 (Kamal) / 019-730 0058 (Pak Wan Zaili)


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