Activity at Kg. Raga Yan, Kedah | Malaysia

kampung Raga located 1.5 km from Pekan Yan Besar Kedah open in 1720 by Malay family, All people live in kampung Raga have families ties Where they all from same ancestor. Because of their strong relationship at first it is call as Kampung Keluarga means family village, Latter the name change to Kampung Raga shorten from word keluarga(family) to only Kampung Raga.
It has grown from a small village to a bustling area full of activity. Even though the area has been developed, traditional cultural practices are still alive here. Experience homestay with the locals, Get up early in the morning to tap rubber, or see the process of making 'Kuih Karas'. making this traditional instrument are made by coconuts with the simple recipe of flour & sugar only , simple but nice .
I forget about the name of this traditional wrap to protect jackfruit from insect , Natural fruit drop has also been observed. Many fruit buds which are still small drop even though they are not attacked by insects or fungus. It is believed that this is due to some physiological reasons such as lack of nutrients. A few diseases caused by insects and pests such as jackfruit borer, fruit flies, civet cat and wild boar have been reported. To protect them from egg laying, fruit may be covered with this  traditional wrap and the affected parts removed and destroyed.
At Kg. Raga also have this opportunity to try one activity that is special which was mengocak ikan (Net fishing) along the waterfall river.
The west slope of Gunung Jerai has a number of (seasonal) waterfalls. Three of them can be reached from Yan. Just outside Yan a signboard leads the way to Recreation Park Titit Hayun, where Puteri Mandi, the Bath of the Princess is located.
Homestay Kampung Raga, is situated in a traditional village, rich in traditional flavour and a cool place to rest with many extra activities that one could could request for.It is located 40 KM from Alor Star, the capital of Kedah and 38 KM from Sungai Petani. It covers a land area of about 6 kilometers square feet bordering Kampung Permatang Chengal in the west, Kampung Permatang Keramat and Kampung Jawa in the north and Gunung Jerai Reserve Forest in the east.


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