Heritage Trail Of Alor Setar , Kedah | Malaysia

The floor that I step now are newly path with mosaic stone , before this are grass field till the end of the corner and official opened to public on March 2018 . With this self-guided Alor Setar Heritage Trail you can visit the best sights that Kedah's state capital has to offer.

Alor Setar is not a prime tourist destination and most visitors pass through quickly on the way to somewhere else.But for those willing to slow down, the city does have some interesting architectural landmarks, mostly concentrated around the Dataran Alor Setar in the heart of the city and which can conveniently be visited on foot in an hour or two.
Dataran Alor Setar area where most of the sights are located, beginning with the Balai Seni Negeri (State Art Gallery). This building used to be a courthouse, built in 1893 and is now showing its age and in need of a new coat of paint with weeds growing out of nooks and crannies on its roofline. Inside is a modest collection of contemporary Malaysian art.
Nearby is the Balai Besar (Great Hall or Main Hall). This unique hall was built in 1898 to replace an earlier one which had been destroyed by Bugis and Siamese invaders. Its design contains elements of Thai and Malay architecture.It forms part of a larger palace complex (Istana Kota Star). The palace is behind the Balai Besar and is now a museum, Muzium Diraja (Royal Museum).

The palace was built in 1735 during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Jiwa. During the Second World War the Japanese army occupied the palace. Later the palace was abandoned for a number of years before it was converted to a museum. It contains royal regalia and mock-ups of a royal bedroom and reception room.
Masjid Zahir (Zahir Mosque), a beautiful Moorish style mosque officially opened a hundred years ago (in 1912). It has five distinctive black coloured domes, said to symbolize the five pillars of Islam, and a mini-minaret which is not as tall as the main dome.
The Nobat Tower (Hall of Drums) housed the royal orchestra, comprising drums, gongs and traditional woodwind instruments which would be played on ceremonial occasions. The 18m high three storey tower dates from 1906.
replica of the archway situated in front of Kota Tengah Palace. The original archway was demolished in 1973 to make way for the Wisma Negeri building. Perhaps one day Wisma Negeri will be seen and valued as a classic piece of 1970s architecture.
Kedah State Museum (Muzium Negeri Kedah), The old wing was built in 1936 and is in a style similar to the Balai Besar. It is now used as an office and all the exhibits have been transferred to the spacious new museum building next door which opened in 1997. There are ten permanent galleries focusing on culture, history, natural habitats, statesmen, transportation, weapons, manuscripts, textiles, handicrafts, language and literature.
The former High Court, erected in 1922, is today a museum dedicated to Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, the current Sultan of Kedah and, at the time of writing, Malaysia’s head of state. Inside you’ll find photos and an exhaustive collection of memorabilia from the sultan’s life, with everything from golf visors to Rolls-Royces and even his Majesty’s old mobile phones on display.
The lighthouse is the landmark of Tanjung Chali . As we look back on the history, since the 1920s, Tanjung Chali is situated at the crossroad of Pekan Cina and Pengkalan Kapal, a place where the farmers come here to sell and market their crops. This is also a jetty for boats and ships that pass through Kedah River, Anak Bukit River, Raja River and Terusan Wan Mohamad Saman .
Pekan Cina or Chinese Town is on the left and Pekan Melayu, Malay Town is on the right. This shows how different races live together in harmony in Malaysia.
By the side of a prewar shop house shared by a tailor and a locksmith along Jalan Penjara Lama in Pekan Melayu is a painting of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Standing 7m tall and 8m wide, Mahathir is depicted in a songkok and blue baju Melayu alongside the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and first national car Proton Saga, both of which had been inspired by him.
About 100m away on the side of a mirror and art frame shop in Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid is a portrait of first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, drawn wearing a songkok, brown suit and necktie.Beside him is a monochromatic scene of the Tunku declaring the Independence of Malaya on Aug 31, 1957. The murals’ artist is Mohd Zulfadli Ahmad Nawawi, 29, popularly known as Akid One.
Evening break stopped at Stadium Darul Aman to have light snacks and drinks
Dataran Alor Setar Become another kind of stunning scenery when the day dawn , lights was open every corner the wohle area . A palce where parents brought their children to play at this biwhileand enjoy the scenery . there are also foods and toys to purchase .
Istana Anak Bukit is located in the royal town of Bukit Anak, in the Kuala Kedah Parliamentary Area in the state of Kedah Darul Aman , Malaysia . Istana Anak Bukit is located in the area of Anak Bukit or high changkat on a small island formed from Sungai Anak Bukit and Sungai Kuala Cegar , another landmark symbolizing the sovereignty of the Sultanate of Kedah. The Bukit Anak Istana is the home of the Royal family, KDYMM Tuanku Sultan Kedah and his family. At the front gate enter the palace , emblazoned with a royal seal and lined with rain trees all the way into the castle. Istana Anak Bukit is the official residence of the Sultan of Kedah, His Majesty Sultan Sallehuddin ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah. He was born on April 30, 1942 and was elected the 28th Sultan of Kedah since September 12, 2017.


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