Paragliding At Gunung Jerai, Kedah | Malaysia

Conquer your fear as you set yourself off into the sky, admiring the endless stretch of green paddy fields of Yan, Kedah below you as well as the spectacular and breathtaking view of the sea. Enjoy the cool breeze against your face and the warmth of the sunlight on your naked skin as you glide down from Gunung Jerai in this awe-inspiring ride you would definitely want to repeat.

Gunung Jerai or Mount Jerai is the highest mountain in Kedah. Gunung Jerai offers the highest take off site for paragliding in Peninsular Malaysia. It offers a spectacular view from 682m above sea level. You get to enjoy a panoramic view of Gunung Jerai.
This tandem paragliding experience offers you the natural heritage view of paddy field of Yan, blue ocean of Kuala Muda, and naked forest of Jerai. Feel safe and secured as you glide in the sky with professional instructors.

This experience is designed for flying with up to 240 kg of load. You will sit in a comfortable harness, attached to the paraglider and our certified instructor who will take care of everything. While flying in the air, either you can control the paraglide yourself or just sit back and enjoy the view and take some photos.
1. 20 minutes Tandem Paragliding Experience.
2. Certified Instructors.
3. Complete Safety Equipment.
4. Go Pro Camera, without SD card.
5. Transportation from common point Kg Titi Teras to site location at Gunung Jerai.

RM 250.00 (include transportation to take off park & video) 

Contact : 012-815 1596


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