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Hello Readers , in this blog i'm gonna blog about My travel and teach you guys how to spend less in Boracay , I'm get interested to Boracay When it was Hot topic on social network Last year.  
We went for 5 dAys and it's just enough to explore the whole island Plus Hoping to 1 more Crytals cove island...

Airsia only offered 1 flight 10.50a.m per day to kalibo and 1 flight 3.15p.m per day for return at the same time everyday..

The view of KLIA And KLIA2 from the air
It take three hours and fifty five minute to reach kalibo from KLIA2 , What we do in flight ?? , Had their all time hot item "Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak" With a Cup Of Hot chocolate , After we fill up our stomach , we took a nap and wish that once we open our eye , The Captain will Announce " We Will Landing Shortly " ..hahahaha
It is a " must " fill form 
Forget about 4 days 3 night , Just get 5 days 4 night or onward to get the best memorable trip in Boracay , You wanna Know why? , on the 1st day , we reach boracay island at 6P.M And The last day we leave the island at 9A.M , almost wasted the whole on flight and land transport to The island......
SMART LOCAL PREPAID sim card (340peso = RM30) is useless as rubbish for my Minote , the sales girl said that I will get LTE and stronger Network over Boracay and abit weak at Kalibo...When I reach Boracay , I try out the network and the network was suck!! Kena Scam !!! , you guys try out on others phone or just don't get it , Boracay have huge variety of WI-FI around...Once we Step out the airport , There was a bunch of filipino's offering the land transports and water transport , Don't be worry , what they offering is not a scam , you can get any package  here and all is the same...Their have two option to choose.
Option 1
  • Van & Boat         = 250 PESO (RM 20) Per Person
  • Environment Fee    = 175 PESO (RM 14) Per Person
  • Terminal Fee       = 100 PESO (RM 8 ) Per Person
  • Tuk Tuk To Hotel   = 250 PESO (RM 20) 3 Person(Max 6 person) 
Back From Boracay To Kalibo Airport
  • Tuk Tuk To Jetty   = 120 PESO (RM 10) 3 Person(Max 4 person)
  • Terminal Fee       = 100 PESO (RM 8 ) Per Person
  • Van & Boat         = 250 PESO (RM 20) Per Person 
  • TOTAL              = 998 PESO (RM 83) Per Person
Option 2 
  • Kalibo-Round Trip By Southwest Tours Boracay INC.  
  • 1255 PESO (RM 110) Per Person 
  • Roundtrip Door to Door with fees (From Kalibo Int'l Airport to Boracay Hotel/Resort & Vice Versa and Return) Hotel doorstep Pick Up.
    Tuk Tuk that will be found around the boracay island
The Jetty port to take us to Boracay island
When entered the jetty complex , need to turn left and right for the boat rides.
As my advise , if you travel with family or large group of friend better get Option 2 , If with a small group less than 4 person then can choose Option 1 ....
All boat in philippines was design like this , Extra wide add on bamboo left and right, From Kalibo airport to Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal take 2 Hours by bus and one and half hour by van...
From Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal to Boracay Island takes 10 minutes , Boracay island can be view From Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal just the boat are to slow..
Once Step on Boracay jetty , walk to the counter and buy this small truck tuk tuk ticket that cost 250 PESO (RM 20) that drive us to the hotel that we stay at station 2 . 

As my advise , you can get abit more cheaper if you walk out the counter truck tuk tuk area and get the motorcycle yellow tuk tuk for 120 PESO (RM 10) , Don't try to walk from jetty to your hotel because it was kinda far . it takes 10 minute tuk tuk ride to our hotel in station 2 .

MNL Beach Hostel
Reach and check in MNL Hostel at 6P.M , One of the staff named Rose , she is friendly and lead us to our room to show us hows evething is working 

I booked 3 bunk beds at 700 PESO (RM 55) each person per night by MNL Hostel , Boracay . The room is good for 6, but they also have 8 bunks and 10 bunks for sharing . We stayed for four nights and I don't really like the upper deck . need crawl up and down

Filing up the stomach while waitting for other to get ready , something new that I tried At philippines Mcdonald , Mcspagetti!!

1 piece of crispy, golden borwn chicken that's tender and juicy served with the classic spaghetti with ground beef and signature sauce. 

After fill Up a quarter of Mcspagetti Set in stomach , we had a walk at D'MALL to shop and find a nice place for dinner...This is the commercial centre of Boracay where you will very likely find yourself at some point during your visit to this beautiful island destination.
Here comes our actual Dinner , We been walking around for half and hour looking for dinner and we stand outside of Andok's staring for 5 minutes before we go in , here was crowd and alot people know about the famous Andok's Pambansan Litson Manok ( BBQ Chicken ).... 
The Night Walk Along Station 2 by the beach
Night walk at station 2 , after done my dinner at Andok's , we have a walk to the shop by the beach side and it was crowded at station 2...Station 2 has a vibrant live music scene starting with Regency's full band on the beach, followed by Boracay Garden Resort which has alive show sing along style buffet restaurant. The Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel also has a full band you can enjoy while dining. 

#Day 2 
Early Morning wake at 8 a.m and ate breakfast that provide by Hostel , Everyone getting ready heading to the beach for the activity that we book yesterday...
We take tuk tuk 60 peso (RM 4.80) for 4 person to station 3. As my advise , taking tuk tuk price is the same if from/to station 1,2,3 60 PESO (RM4.80).
Today activity is island hoping , hoop to Crystal Cove , Hop to another unknown Island for Lunch and 2 different places for Snorkeling .... Our damage was 750 Peso(RM60) + Crystal Cove Entrance Fee 200 Peso.
We plan our activity as pack as we can , won't be free time to waste or rest...kinda tired but worth it...
Mostly all the water activity is located at station 3 beach , what I saw is everyone that from different hostel/hotel comes here to enjoy their activity that booked...
Crystal Cove
Crystal cove is a beautiful place to spend a few hours, or more. There are two coves to climb into and explore, and beautiful scenic trails to hike on.
Leaving Crystal Cove , Our tour guide use a long bamboo stick to stuck in the bottom of the sea to move our boat back to the deep sea...
The Unknown Island , We land here For local buffet lunch...

Snorkeling Time , Not much coral and fish to see and the water is freaking cold!!
Until today, many believed that West Cove is Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay, Philippines . The reality is that this Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay is not actually owned by Manny Pacquiao himself but instead by Crisostomo Aquino, a businessman, a friend, the official flag bearer whenever Pacquiao has a fight and a big fan of the latter.
Second snorkeling spot crocodile island , this time i'm not going into the water again because the water was so cold!!
We back to station 3 at 3 P.M and took tuk tuk back to our hotel ...
I just realize that we stay at Bolabog Zone... 

Delicious & flavor cuisine in Philippines
When We on the way back to hostel , we spot a small stall at the roadside that sells local foods(Mix Rice) and we order abit of all of them comes with plain rice ...
Another small stall at the roadside that sells few different kind of Pizza and in cheap price. After Done with the meal and pizza , we decide to have a nap back to hostel and will do outing at night time.

Tilapia N' Chips
This place Me and the gang had our Dinner , located at the end of the d-mall(at the other side of D mall) . Still it is my recommendation for a treat on Boracay.

Imba Shisha Smoke
After our dinner at Tilapia N' Chips , we have a walk by the beach and decide to chill hang out get some drinks and shisha along till late night.....   
#Day 3

Station 1
Morning walk at Station 1 by the beach , I got an accomadation in White sand beach. This beach is probably the best one i ever seen. I recommend the Station 1, it's probably the best part of the entiere beach. Mainly, because there are no boats on the beach and is more quiet, so the beach is quite better than on station 2.....Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar
A trip to Boracay would not be complete without ordering fruit shakes from Jonah’s, which has practically become an institution.
They Getting Henna Temporarily Tattoo Big size 300 PESO (RM24) Small Size 100 PESO (RM8)...
Me and Ronald McDonald waving and say Hi to you from Philippine...
Zetro ATV and Buggy Car
Date Our tour guide (I can't remember her name) on evening for ATV ride.. We meet up at Dmall and take Tuk Tuk to MT. LUHO.
Mount Luho
At The same Place , Mt. Luho is a small mountain where a viewing tower and stairway was built.  From here you have a fanstatic view of Bolabog Beach, the Fairways and Bluewaters Golf Course and the ocean.  
Superman Zipline
My First Experience , Honestly said , at first I was scared to try but desperately wanna have a brave shot .After been challenge by friend , I accept his challenge !!
I feel proud and satisfied with the experience that I had on superman Zipline ."Keep calm conquer Your fear , You can do it!!
Sunset Sailing
When comes to evening , the best activity is paraw sail .
As the sun begins to set, it paints the sky and wispy clouds with a warm orange glow . and we see the silhouettes of other sailboats on the horizon turning to sail back to shore before it gets dark. We are glad we went on this sunset sailing trip .
I ♡ Backyard BBQ
Dinner Time , Getting a table at this place can be difficult, unless you call and reserve in advance, but you will know why it is one of the best places for good quality food and value. Satisfy your tummy with steaks and ribs. very unique exterior and tasty barbeques.
Wave Bar & Lounge
After dinner , This is truly the best way to enjoy your night in Boracay! It's an awesome night to meet and get to know other people from all around the world . 
#Day 4 

Ti Braz and Damiana's Filipino Restaurant
Woke up late this morning , went out and get a brunch .
I was really impressed by the variety of food that you can order in this place. It is not like other restaurants in Boracay where you are limited to just a few choices.
Late Lunch after 2 hour walk by the beach , hungry in sudden ...hahaha
Spicebird looks like newly open around the D'mall (Maybe) , everything here looks new and clean by the way....
We were wandering around at D'mall looking for the right spot for late lunch when we stopped upon this restaurant . 

Bulabog Beach (Station 4)
Few days on the famous beach , this evening we have a walk on other side of beach - Bulabog Beach (Station 4)

At here , The famous activity is kiteboarding and nobody will swim at this area. 

Station 2 ( Sunset )
We sat on the powder white sand till 7.30pm , the scenery was awesome!!!
the shore was crowded and some of them have own activity on the shore

On my third day evening on Boracay, I saw what was indisputably the best sunset of my life. My photos don’t remotely capture how incredible it was, but here are a few shots of it anyway.I loved the white sandy beaches and all the blue colors you could find in the ocean, but one thing that really stood out were the sunsets. I have seen many in my entire life, but none of them have been as amazing as the one’s in Boracay.

Me and Smith go down to hang out at the beach at 6 p.m for swimming , relaxing , chic looking and watch the amazing sunset while others was resting at hostel

Sea Breeze, Regency Boracay
We were craving to try this certain buffet during our first day in Boracay , Sea Breeze Cafe is located in Station 2 as a forefront buffet restaurant of Boracay Regency. Actually, people don't realize that it's "Sea Breeze Cafe"; most just know it as the "buffet in Boracay Regency".

At 740 Peso (RM60) per head, Sea Breeze claims to be Boracay's biggest and most extensive buffet. The food has international theme which is mostly of Western influence.

The Sea Breeze is a comfortable open air cafe by the beach front , They stuck to the tropical decors, but added a notably modern feel to it.

#Day 5
Last day in boracay , same as others not willing to leave this beautiful island . There was no activity on last day because of too rush and we had our last breakfast at hostel and started to pack our stuff .  

Flight was at 3.15 P.M and only 1 flight per day , so , we need to leave the island before 10 A.M . Must prepare 5 hour ealier to airport or you gonna miss your flight . 

Hotel to Boracay Jetty          = 15 minute
Boracay Jetty to mainland jetty = 15 minute

Need to pay 100 PESO for terminal fee and 250 PESO for boat & van ticket to airport.
Walk in the building and have a bag scan checking , After that walk to front of the building and there was the van guide will assist us to the van that heading to airport .
One of the transportation Company ' K'JAD ' at caticlan jetty , The van bus that they provide was comfortable and clean , we waited half hour in the van bus after van bus is full . 

Caticlan Jetty to airport   = 2 hour 30 minute

Finally Reach airport , I was worry that I gonna miss the flight coz long waiting at caticlan jetty in the van bus but surprise that we reach airport ealier and still got extra time to walk around.
There was a local restaurant opposite the airport that serve nice filipino foods , seems we have some time so we had our lunch here .
Don't forget to keep extra 500 PESO for airport terminal fee . No one notice us about this and luckily I have extra Peso to pay for it.

Bye Boracay and Bye Kalibo 

I hope you guys enjoy reading it and find it interesting. I love traveling and hopefully I can travel more to blog about it


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