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OH yEAH!! Langkawi Again!!!
Fully 4 day 3 Night In Langkawi instead of last year visit for 2 day 1 night at Langkawi Purposely went to One of the most beautiful island in the world Koh Lipe , Thailand .              

Koh Lipe , Thailand was awesome island that worth to visit too.

I didn't have chances to explore the whole langkawi island last year , so i gonna re-visit and totally will explore all the attractive places and hidden gem of seafood.

Six of us that planned from last two month and finally the day has come with full of energy and enjoyed!
It's took us about one hour flight to touch down langkawi and there was bunch of car rental agents was waving at me for hire car rental from them before going out to the main entrance , as my friend said all the agent here will discuss the price of the day , so every counter that I Went to ask will give the same price for any vehicle that we hire . then we choose counter randomly to ask price and end with these lady because lazy to ask around . Now is low season in langkawi and we get a very cheap rental on TOYOTA INNOVA for RM330/4 days.really cheap in town and perfectly fit for six of us .

Alia Residence Business Resort
We book online on this hotel with good review , one night rate RM120 PER day include with breakfast on low season.

Rose Tea 2
On our first meal was Pantai Cenang in Langkawi , While we were looking for somewhere to good to eat we spot this rose tea 2 restaurant and they serve Thai food . We were here for late Lunch thus we are the only table in the restaurant.
Bump into this Mini Bus made up to Bus Butik that park roadside along cenang main road , I took a peek into the bus and saw alot women accessories shirt , skirt , neclace , ear ring and bla bla .
This bus business hour is night time . smart owner that makes this bus attractive , Cool Huh??!

Underwater World
We are not huge on zoos and aquariums as we often times feel sad for the animals and know that the best place for them is usually in their wild habitat but everything we read about Underwater World Langkawi sounded wonderful .

Our time at Underwater World Langkawi was fun, educational , There are over 4000 animals and aquatic life forms on display....

Ka Kee Lang Seafood Restaurant
Dinner After eight , Along Persiaran Mutiara 2 , Pusat Perdagangan Kelana Mas , there few famous seafood restaurant that everyone knows was awesome and reasonable price . Since this was our first time at " Ka Kee Lang " Seafood Restaurant , we asked the waitress who attended to us for recommendations. These were her suggestions based on what she said were the most popular dishes at " Ka Kee Lang " Seafood Restaurant.
If you're a Hokkien , You will understand what "Ka Kee Lang " stand for , if you don't then let me explain .
The sentence of " Ka Kee Lang "means" We are in the same gang / one of us (自己人) " 

wakes up at 8.30am , getting breakfast that provide from hotel and need to move from hotel at 9.25am to reach tanjong Rhu mangrove tour jetty at sharp 10am because of the appoinment that we make when we book the tour.

Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves Tour 
For mangrove tour we been charge RM50 Per person for 4 hours tour but I calculated that we spend only three hour included our lunch time , what we miss or we explore to fast? or they are cheating the hours to make others feel like four hour worth for RM50?
our boatman was silent after we asked the tour of four hours become to three hours... lazy wanna comment about it .

The Oriental Village
We continue our next destination since we still have alot of time to spare at the Oriental Village, I came here once on last year and stayed at Geopark Hotel in The Oriental Village, It was sad on last year because cable car service was not operating while it is under maintenance.
I was here again this year after saw newspaper that the cable car and sky bridge is re-opened as usual. Newest additions in Langkawi An amazing 3-Dimensional art museum Art in Paradise.

Fish Farm Restaurant
Dinner for the night, Fish Farm Restaurant was on my "must visit" list, A dinner night out for 6 people was enjoy a nice meal with beach breeze, the food is amazingly done and prepared.


wakes up at 8am, getting breakfast that provide from hotel and move out from hotel at 9am, this morning was not rushing to any booked activity, Free and easy activity.
Durian Perangin Waterfall
First stop at The Durian Perangin Waterfall , we didn't do hiking thing to the top, just walk forward to the first tier and put our feet into the cold fresh clear water.
Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise
Langkawi Wildlife Park, journey to the great world of animals!
Enjoy new exposures to some amazing, fun, and close interactions with those animals , Feel the animals’ sense inside you by touching them, feeding them and have up-close interactions with some unique species.

Black Sand Beach
Is the sand at this beach really black? Yes, well almost :). The sand is not exactly pitch black, it appears as if some kind of black dust has been mixed with the normal sand. In the earlier years, the sand looked more blackish than what it looks now. Black Sand Beach is locally known as Pantai Pasir Hitam. In Malay, Pantai means beach, pasir is sand and hitam stands for black, and therefore such name . 

Crocodile Farm
About 10-15 minutes drive from Black Sand Beach reach the Crocodile Farm, located on a small hill. Opening daily from 10 am to 6 pm, the entrance fee to Langkawi Crocodile Farm is RM 15 for adult(for local visitors with Malaysian ID) and RM 10 for child. Non-citizen visitors will pay RM20 for adult and RM15 for child.

Restoran Kauboi
Had a great dinner and the food was like wow.. My tummy was so full when I came out of the shop and also I was happy to eat a good food like it.. Go ahead and try it out..The bill costs RM 160 which was pretty reasonable for 6 of us.
Eagle Square
After fulfill with our dinner , We take a walk at Eagle Square comes with strong sea breeze.
Seem like it was our last night in langkawi and no need to be rush on any activity on the other day, so We get dozen of apple cider to be slightly sober While gambling till midnight and everyone knows that langkawi is a duty free state with cheap beers, cigarettes, chocolates and liquors. 

DAY 4 , Last day 
Last day in langkawi, Woke up slightly late and get our last breakfast from the resort, no activity has been plan for today and standby to check out from the resort at 12pm.
Believe 5D Art Museum
Newly opened Believe 5D Art Museum at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall , with a new concept that is sure to provide a thrilling experience for all of its visitors .
Experience Langkawi from a new perspective with artworks and sensory experiences .

Cenang Beach
Last Stop and last visit in langkawi, we hang about two hour at Cenang Beach walk at the shore and have a glass of fresh fruit juice while seeing other people enjoying their water sport activity. we didn't involved on the water sport activity because we don't have place to bath or change after that, so we just find a bar and continue our fruit juice =.=".
In middle of no where, we tot gonna get a nice japanese cuisine on the hill as our dinner before we fly back to Kuala Lumpur and called up the car collector person to delay our arrival from 8pm change to 9pm at airport but he refuse us, so we fell really disappointed and turn back to airport before 8pm to pass back the vehicle and get back my RM50 Deposit that i made earlier.

Marrybrown at airport as our dinner while waitting for our flight at 10.40pm, all of us was tired and fall asleep when the plane depart till Kuala Lumpur. Awesome trip we had, alot laughter and sharing arrangement idea during the trip and also no complain or any arguement happens for the itinerary that been planed...BRAVO!!


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