Cruise Tasik Putrajaya | Malaysia

This was a leisurely cruise, I believe it is the most scenic and coolest way to see Putrajaya. On the water, the air is fresh and there was a cool breeze. After some time we could go outside the boat to take pictures, This cruise was long enough to be worth the price.
Complete your visit to Malaysia’s stunning Federal Administrative Centre with a memorable trip down the serene Putrajaya Lake. tell you what, it is an incredible man-made wonder spanning across 650 hectares of beautiful waters and exotic wetlands, get you to see Putrajaya from a different perspective.
You can choose to enjoy it in the air-conditioned or traditional handcrafted perahu (gondola). Cruise duration depends on the package purchased, Packages for boats are can be dinner package in the air-conditioned and luxurious Catamaran boats that lasts for 1 to 2 hours.
CTP serves to complement the city’s tourism appeal, allowing visitors to see and marvel at the stunning sights and more than 20 Putrajaya landmarks from a unique perspective. Set sail with us and enjoy the magnificent view that includes the iconic Putra Mosque, Seri Wawasan Bridge and Perdana Putra (Prime Minister’s office).
The boats we ride that night are specifically designed and built with wraparound windows arching from armrest level to the ceiling, allowing us for clear and unobstructed view of the lake in luxurious comfort. After Sitting a while in the boat I went to the decks and feel the wind brush against to my face.
discover this enchanting garden city while cruising,. This is where all the greens and modern architectural wonders intertwine seamlessly and form the largest landmark in Malaysia. All of the boats are proudly 100% designed and handcrafted in Malaysia by Malaysians.
More than 20 packages to choose With cruise packages options like sightseeing, educational tours, romantic affairs, private dining and fun activities, endless list of activities to suit every taste on board. Want to know more about the price  and package provided, kindly lon in to .


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