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Vol.5 #Part 1 - This Episode , Colors of Lives Travelogue Exploring to Terengganu Covering four District among are Kapas Island | Kuala Terengganu | Jerteh | Kemasik . Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by Borakkita.com or Newly named Borakita.Media supported by Tourism Terengganu And Special thanks to KSE Car Rental Malaysia and Premia MY for being our sponsors.

WTF !! - Where's The Food!!!

Mysterious of flour Dipped Seafood Along Pantai Penarik
Flour Dipped Seafood ( Seafood celup Tepung ) is famous along Penarik beach, Terengganu. It's like a warzone when you passby here, This flour Dipped Seafood is everywhere on left and right along the roadside. It's impossible to enjoy seafood at low prices, However, a restaurant in Terengganu provides a different dining experience. Trizai Restaurant offers a variety of food at low prices and drinks for free. Surprisingly to know that This is the first Restaurant starting to do flour dipped seafood along Penarik Beach and Others copy the steps with Price war | Read More.....

Warung Makcik sinah | Kedai makan Sinah, Kuala Terengganu
A Cup of tea with the price of Rm0.30 is really exist in Kuala Terengganu, We Can't compare The village and City we live. When they earn less in the village means their expenses are low here too, Having a breakfast below Rm6 with full stomach that I ordered two cup of drinks and ate two type of nasi lemak with one piece of roti canai that cost me Rm5.40. A wide range of malay traditional cakes, more than ten different type of packed nasi lemak, nasi minyak, satay, roti canai and many more. RM1 for the hot Milo, RM0.70 Teh Tarik. Despite of the low prices, this store maintain their quality as well for few decade by the owner and employees here that makes the crowd become regular customer | Read More.....

There is a place for back to nature for someone like us from the bustling city life to relax our mind among the greenery, Kelip-Kelip PalmStay Seri Bandi is a place to dine village style lunch, Staycation in the dark and any kind of team building activities. Special modified one tons lorry to bring visitors to inbound destination, So visitor can sit behind the trunk with modified seats with car suspension below. Don't look down on this monster, it have power to ride you from ground to up hill. It took about 8km From A to B And the road are bumpy, Most probably only trucks can go through this mud road | Read More.....

keropok lekor or fish sausage is a traditional Malay fish cracker snack originating from the state of Terengganu, The keropok lekor quality is determined by three major factors -— the type of fish used, its freshness and the percentage of fish incorporated into the final mixture. Five types of local fish are commonly used: parang, tamban, kerisi, biji nangka and selayang.

" This two among Must eat foods in Terengganu, Eat Like A Local. In Terengganu, Every small Distict has a couple of must-try places to eat and I’ve certainly discovered that Terengganu is no exception to the rule that attracted locals and tourists. It’s was a makan place that’s full of personality and an ever-growing food scene, bursting with traditional favourites, just wanted to explore more. This two makan place above gonna be my favourite places to eat in Terengganu. "

WTF !! - Wow, That's Fun!!!!

Squid Jigging (Candat Sotong) with Ombak Kapas, Pulau Kapas
During the stay at Ombak Kapas, we went for squid jigging (candat sotong) after 5pm, this is one of the most popular activities offers by Ombak Kapas. cruise for an hour in a fishing boat heading to middle of the ocean, This is due to the abundant of squids in the sea of Terengganu from the month of March until September, with the peak month normally in May. The boat leaves Ombak Kapas Resort around 5 p.m in the evening, and depending on the guest, the fishing period can be until 10p.m, or even extended until 6.am in the morning | Read More.....

Pasar Besar Payang
This colourful and charming market is located next to Chinatown (at the end of Jalan Bandar) and strategically located at the river mouth of Terengganu River that opens into the South China Sea. Pasar refers to market; Besar refers to big as it was enlarged in the 60s; Payang refers to the name of the typical Terengganu’s fishermen boat. The market offers huge variety of traditional products and souvenirs such as batik and brocade, metal products such as cooking ware and utensils, grocery items such as spices, seafood (fresh from the sea), fruits, fresh vegetables and so on | Read More.....

Rumah Warisan Haji Su | Haji Sue Country Home
The Malay mansion or Rumah Haji Su in Kampung Losong Haji Su is now one of the new tourist attractions in the state, The repair works of Haji Su Heritage House purchased by the State Museum with the value of RM3.2 million is now fully completed and opened for free public visits. This heritage house was opened to visitors daily for free to claim through the State Museum and Tourism of Terengganu to encourage more tourists to visit the heritage house | Read More.....

Taman Tamadun Islam Monument Park
The Islamic Heritage Park (Taman Tamadun Islam) is a famous attraction in Kuala Terengganu, This park is located at the island of Wan Man. TTI sets itself apart from any other recreational park. It adopts an approach of creating a platform for holistic recreational activities while providing an outlet to enjoy yourself via its facilities of fun and games | Read More.....

The Crystal Mosque (Masjid Kristal) is a mosque in Wan Man, Terengganu. A grand structure made of steel, glass and crystal, the mosque is located at the Islamic Heritage Park on the island of Wan Man. The mosque was constructed between 2006 and 2008, and was officially inaugurated on 8 February 2008 by the 13th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu | Read More.....

TTI River Cruise
TTI River Cruise provides a unique and different experience for you. The guided cruise, which enables you to enjoy the serene splendor of Terengganu River. To Ku Paloh is the embarkation point, from which take us an enchanting cruise into the past and present development as the cruise guide recounts the historical significance of the various attractions upstream as well as downstream | Read More.....

Boardwalk Setiu (Setiu Wetlands)
the largest and most intact coastal wetlands complex in the east coast, to be protected. This is a type of freshwater swamp that is dominated by the Melaleuca or gelam tree. Terengganu has the largest expanse of this forest-type which scientists say has conservation importance but has long been ignored | Read More.....

Lata Kolam Air Deru Ecopark
Lata Kolam Ecopark include Recreation Herbs Park And camping developed in the Gunung Tebu Reserved Forest , Hulu Besut. It is one of the projects implemented by Big Scope Event And Travel Sdn Bhd with the cooperation of the state and local governments to develop the agricultural-based tourism sector and on the basis of the "New Terengganu Transformation" aspiration | Read More.....

Kapas Island | Cotton Island
Kapas Island is an island off Marang in Terengganu, Malaysia. Pulau Kapas means Cotton Island, a name given to it by locals, due to its soft white beaches. Kapas is a designated marine park its white-sand beaches are some of the cleanest in Malaysia, and the aquamarine waters are ideal for sea kayaking and snorkeling. Kapas Island is situated offshore about 30 minutes by slow boat or 10 minutes by fast boat from Marang jetty, 20 minutes south of Kuala Terengganu. Relatively isolated from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, this island is the perfect getaway for those looking for some blissful relaxation. Marang Jetty provides ample secured parking lots for RM7 per day | Read More.....

Bukit Singa (Lion's Hill)
Pictures above are taken from of Bukit Singa (Lion's Hill), depart from resort at 3pm and arrived to top at 4pm. Look at the rock that shaped like a lion head, Hiking up to about 10 minutes, The hill climbs more than 45 degrees. The view you can see up here like you are at newzealand or other overseas country, really worth for the climb | Read More.....

Another Interesting part is the cradle on the shore near the shops.

" Terengganu vacations remain a more affordable alternative tourism. Explore this few district filled with colonial-era architecture, plantations supporting a large portion of the local population, most peninsular state offers a glimpse into pristine interspersed with modern and heritage towns. A beautiful State with a rich cultural heritage that offers many attractions. "

WTF !! - Well, That's Fantastic!!!!

Crystal Villa
Crystal Villa complex is located in the Islamic Civilization Park, Pulau Wan Man. The 4 Crystal Villas units are very affordable and convenient for tourists and visitors who wish to stay in this area. The Crystal Villas are suitable for family and is situated in a very strategic location adjacent to the Crystal Mosque and Terengganu River | Read More.....

Lata Kolam Air Deru Ecopark
Tube Lodge, three unit available at the moment and will adding more coming soon, Included A Queen size bed, wall fan and plugs for charging or any necessary use. No toilet or bathroom inside and just beside the waterfall river, It is cooling during the night. There is two Dorm at Lata Kolam, One is five pax dorm with Five single bed and another is four pax dorm with one Queen size plus two single bed on the second floor. Included wall fan and plugs for charging or any necessary use. No toilet or bathroom inside but there have a kitchen at the back | Read More.....

(Family Holiday in Kelip Kelip Palmstay Seri Bandi)
Day 1
2 pm : Arrive at Palmstay
- Check In
- Welcome Drink
- Free & Easy
8pm : Dinner

Day 2
8 am : Breakfast
9am : Depart to Jeram Penitih Waterfall
1.30 pm : Lunch
3pm : Game Activities
7.30pm : BBQ Dinner

Day 3
8am : Breakfast
- Free & Easy
12pm : Check-out  | Read More.....

Ombak Kapas
Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort is located on Kapas Island, Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort will give you the best services and Kapas Island is the right place to relax and have fun. Ombak Kapas Island Beach Resort is an ideal choice for the people who want excitement and best serves at Kapas Island, Just in front of the resort lies a white and long sandy beach, which is a short walking distance from the resort | Read More.....

"A holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad , or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions . "

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by Borakkita.com, and supported by Tourism Terengganu.

Special thanks to Tourism Terengganu for accompanying us , and also thanks to  KSE Car Rental Malaysia and Premia MY for being our sponsors and believing in us… "


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