Kelip-Kelip PalmStay Seri Bandi, Terengganu | Malaysia

There is a place for back to nature for someone like us from the bustling city life to relax our mind among the greenery, Kelip-Kelip PalmStay Seri Bandi is a place to dine village style lunch, Staycation in the dark and any kind of team building activities.
Special modified one tons lorry to bring visitors to inbound destination, So visitor can sit behind the trunk with modified seats with car suspension below. Don't look down on this monster, it have power to ride you from ground to up hill.
It took about 8km From A to B And the road are bumpy, Most probably only trucks can go through this mud road.
The place was so peaceful once I step down from the truck, surrounded by greenery palm trees. Fish pond at both side, Perfect place to have lunch.
This was a best place to relax after lunch, Built up with woods that contains eight Hammock. I fall asleep when the wind come through from the palm tree, no fan needed.
This how our lunch been cook, chopped dry wood below as light up fire and the catfish wrap with big leave.
Package :
Package one
Lunch only
Adult - RM 30.00
Child - RM 20.00
Minimum 10 person

Package two
For group/family
Group/family - RM 50.00
The venue is limited for 5 - 10 families at a time
Can Bring Own Foods or provide by Palmstay (order must be make before a week or earlier), Deposit to book your date.
a) Enjoy the waterfall river
b) Fishing (Catch & Release)
One fishing rod : RM 5.00 / One bait : RM 2.00
Kitchen for BBQ and the ingredients will be prepared

Package three
Staycation in Palmstay per night - RM 250.00
Suitable for 3 - 5 families
Rental tent - RM 45.00
Bring Own tent, space rental - RM 20.00
Can Bring Own Foods or provide by Palmstay (order must be make before a week or earlier), Deposit to book your date.

individual - one pax
Adult - RM 15.00
Child - RM 10.00

Waterfall activities
Adult - RM 20.00
Child - RM 10.00

(Family Holiday in Kelip Kelip Palmstay Seri Bandi)
Day 1
2 pm : Arrive at Palmstay
- Check In
- Welcome Drink
- Free & Easy
8pm : Dinner

Day 2
8 am : Breakfast
9am : Depart to Jeram Penitih Waterfall
1.30 pm : Lunch
3pm : Game Activities
7.30pm : BBQ Dinner

Day 3
8am : Breakfast
- Free & Easy
12pm : Check-out

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