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Putrajaya, officially the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, is a planned city and the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. The seat of government was shifted in 1999 from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya because of overcrowding and congestion in the former. Kuala Lumpur remains Malaysia's national capital and is the seat of the King, the Parliament, and all the foreign embassies, and the country's commercial and financial centre. Putrajaya was the idea of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. It became Malaysia's third Federal Territory, after Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, in 2001.
Named after the first Malaysian Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, the territory is entirely enclaved within the Sepang District of the state of Selangor. Putrajaya is also a part of MSC Malaysia, a special economic zone that covers Klang Valley. In Sanskrit, "putra" means "prince" or "male child", and "jaya" means "success" or "victory". The development of Putrajaya started in the early 1990s; today, major landmarks have been completed and the population is expected to grow in the near future. The streets are elegantly designed with a European feel, along with well-paved roads while the government buildings are a blend of modern architecture with Islamic arts. Commercial, authoritative and residential areas have been divided into precincts that blend into each other cohesively.
This time Eddy Rush Fatboy trying his best to explore Putrajaya since most of the malaysian or Foreign Tourist are still not familiar with Federal Territory of Putrajaya district, Built on an expansive marshland and former oil palm estate in Selangor. The city spans an area of almost 5,000 hectares and lies 25 km from Kuala Lumpur, There are several places that visitors can explore.
Perbadanan Putrajaya
Before We start to explore, We had the chance to meet Putrajaya Corporation President Datuk Seri Hasim Ismail and he explain much more detail about Putrajaya. Level nine where the Putrajaya Municipal model can be found in Putrajaya Corporation Office | Read More......

Pasar Tani Putrajaya
Pasar Tani Putrajaya is organize and collabration by FAMA and PPJ that started from march 2006, The night market open two days a week that fall on Tuesday and Friday from 4PM evening To 10PM night. Total of 300 business lots in this Pasar Tani Putrajaya selling fruits, Foods, Groceries and much many more. Beside that, you could found traditional foods from different state in Malaysia like putu Mayam, Nasi Kerabu, laksa, Gulai and...... |

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside
Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside is ideally located in the heart of Putrajaya City and offering 282 stunning spacious guestrooms with delighted to offer 4 outdoor swimming pools, fully-equipped fitness centre, 3 restaurants, 3 bars, an executive lounge, and 23 spacious, well-equipped meeting rooms. | Read More......

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
This was a leisurely cruise, I believe it is the most scenic and coolest way to see Putrajaya. On the water, the air is fresh and there was a cool breeze. After some time we could go outside the boat to take pictures, This cruise was long enough to be worth the price. Complete your visit to Malaysia’s stunning Federal Administrative Centre with a memorable trip down the serene Putrajaya Lake. tell you what, it is an incredible man-made wonder spanning across 650 hectares of beautiful waters and exotic wetlands, get you to see Putrajaya from a different perspective | Read More......

Putra Square
The Putra Square is a city square in Presint 1, Putrajaya, Malaysia. The square has been used for festivals such as the Malaysian Independence Day parade. The 300 meter circular Putra Square is bounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade Shopping Mall.

Putrajaya Wetlands Park
Marshes and swamps were developed in there cells by transplanting more than 70 species of wetland plants form the Putrajaya Wetland Nursery. Twenty-four species of indigenous fish were later introduced into the wetland cells to enhance their biological diversity | Read More......

Miami Grill
Thanks to Miami Grill that located at Menara PJH, Putrajaya provide us Lunch. At Miami Grill, They sell halal Wangyu Beef that made in Japan. Freshly imported from japan and sold in few Groceries supermarkets By AAH NIPPON SDN BHD, For more information for getting one for yourself please call +60389645072. Smoked Chicken Breast with Chipotle Sauce and Smoked Chicken Breast are now available at AEON : Bukit Tinggi, Shah Alam, Mid Valley, One Utama, Taman Equine, Wangsa Maju and Kepong. How it looks like? See the photo above, Whtie chicken breast covered on special sauce.

Putrajaya Challenge Park
Putrajaya Challenge Park or Taman Cabaran is a 30 hectare park in Putrajaya's Precinct 5 containing some of the best extreme park facilities in Asia. The indoor rock climbing complex is housed in a purpose built 2,100 sq.ft. gym with a number of trapezoidal climbing walls reaching 20 meters in height or the equivalent of a 5-storey building. At the another side is smooth contoured concrete surface has been specially designed to provide fun and thrills for skateboarders, inline skaters / roller blading and BMX bikers and stunt riders. The remainder of the 30 hectare park is given over to customised terrain mountain bike trails. There are 9.1km of challenging MTB trail, tracking along ridges, up switchbacks and down steep hills through this former rubber and palm oil forest. Enthusiasts have rated the trail 'very technical and considered the best in Asia'.

Taman Equestrian Putrajaya
More activities to explore with family behind the historical vacation in Putrajaya. Opened to public to enjoy the scenery and do the sport activities like horseback riding, polo, hacking, soccer, touch rugby and etc. Good place for family gathering, birthday party, wedding vacation with the horse carriage and formal meeting or conference. The Clubhouse offer the delicious local-asian and western cuisine with affordable price  | Read More......

Putrajaya Skyrides Festivals Park
The park, in particular its star-attraction, the Skyrides Helium Balloon is the first and the largest helium balloon in the country. The Skyrides Festivals Park boasts of a number of attractions located at various zones - Skyrides Balloon, SkyWarrior Rainforest Challence, SkyStage, SkyTaste, SkyGallery, SkyDemo, SkyKids and SkyKids Warrior. Open 10am-10pm daily and 10am-12am on Fridays and Saturdays  | Read More......


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