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When You Travelling To Langkawi, Cruising around the Andaman Sea is a must to enjoy to see the beauty of the sunset, water activities such as island hopping, snorkeling, diving or Fishing In a group. And Sea Splash Langkawi Is ready To serve You All the day on the Calm Ocean.
Meet Captain DON On the left and Captain Eddy Rush In the middle followed by our colourfull Sea Splash Crew at the back, Just Kidding...Hahahaha
The Perfect Photo shot to be taken on the Bow. Might do Titanic T Pattern while hug your partner waist from the back, on the same time Your partner will automatically raise up both arm and make a T pattern.
While the Yacht is cruising out to the ocean, Everyone takes turn to get the most stunning photo for show off how Awesome the view was.
Fully equipped with air conditioner with four bedrooms, living room, kitchen and three bathrooms. among the activities that can be taken during the cruise is fishing, karaoke and barbecue during dinner.

Realizing the need of a safe, comfortable, and state-of-the art sport fishing boat, Sea Splash was constructed starting in June 2011. The owner and boat builder have gone through a series of discussions, re-designing, and fine tuning construction to complete at the very best needed by hard core anglers.
Morning Depart Itinerary.​
-Depart from RLYC - 9am.
-Cruise to Dataran Helang.
-Cruise to Fish Farm.
-Cruise to Quiet Beach Excursion.
-Cruise to Singa Besar Island for Eagle Watching.
-Lunch is serve while enjoying nearby Island.
-0% Meal Discount Voucher At Lapaq Ayaq Cafe.
= Only USD $69 / RM 265 Per PAX

Evening Depart Itinerary.​
-Depart from RLYC - 5pm.
-Cruise to Dataran Helang.
-Cruise to Singa Besar Island for Eagle Watching.
-Experience Dip in Andaman Sea
-Cruise to nearby Island for Sunset while enjoying mouth watering BBQ Dinner.
-0% Meal Discount Voucher At Lapaq Ayaq Cafe.
= Only USD $69 / RM 265 Per PAX
Finally Sea Splash was fully completed in early April 2012. The last week of April 2012, Sea Splash was first “dashed” into Sabah water for a sea trail. A whole week of sea trial has put the Sea Splash ready for a long journey back to Langkawi.
"Sea Splash is not only suitable for deep sea sport fishing but also comfortable enough for sea sports like cruising, snorkeling, diving, and family function a like. Those eager anglers and sea sport craze can now safely and confidently get into Sea Splash to fulfill your dream, the FIRST and the ONLY Non-Alcohol Cruise in Langkawi".
 Just Like flights, There will be have stewardess on plane and Sea Splash have stewardess to serve you too.
PREMIUM services:

Sunset BBQ Dinner Cruise (Sharing / Chartered)
Island Escape + Fish Farm Adventure (Sharing / Chartered)
Sea Splash Private Cruise
Sea Splash Fishing Trip
Sea Splash Koh Lipe Trip 
A must try during this cruise is the Salt Water Jacuzzi. Hop into the wide net that is suspended into the ocean. The sailing cruise will cause the waves to lap gently against your back as you lay back, creating the sensation of being in a Jacuzzi. Lay on the ocean enjoying watching the sky turn to dusk.
Enjoy the warm sea breeze and soothing sounds of the waves lapping against the boat. The warm glow of the sunset will lull you into a mellow mood. As you admire the Geo Park that makes up Langkawi Island and stunning sunset, swing your legs over the ship’s bowsprit and feel on top of the world.
After a glorious splash in the sea, enjoy the Dinner feast prepared freshly. The hearty meal gives just the right finishing touch to an eventful day. The variety is impressive and tasty, with Fried Rice, noodles salads cone, fried chicken and grill lambs.
As we sail back to shore, we enjoy the beautiful night scenery of the Andaman sea. Yellow Orange lighting warmly lights the oceon surface, making it truly remarkable to view by nightfall.

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