Umgawa Langkawi Zipline Adventure | Malaysia

The word Umgawa was created for the Legendary Tarzan to call jungle wildlife to action. This echoing call was used by Tarzan to put the jungle’s eco-system on high alert, so that the core nature of the jungle would remain safe for everything living within it.
This attraction is located at Jalan Telaga Tujuh, few minutes walk from Langkawi’s Cable Car. And we can see the Rainforest in the mountains from anywhere on Langkawi Island and now I have a safe, thrilling and exciting way to experience it as never before possible.
Full gear up for safety, Umgawa is the island’s first world-class zipline eco-adventure tour that is a fun and educational way for the whole family to share the thrill of a lifetime.
Spend 2.5 to 3 hours along 12 different ziplines past waterfalls and experiencing spectacular views all around you and all the way to the Andaman Sea.  This is a truly eco-adventure that allows me to get close to many of Langkawi Geopark’s 550 million-year-old geological wonders and its wildlife.
Safety is the number one priority as you take on this adventure and insurance is included. Each group of a maximum of nine guests is accompanied by two internationally-certified Safety Sky Ranger Guides. In addition to being highly-trained and certified safety rangers, they also serve as guides and will educate you about the rainforest and its inhabitants, its 220 species of birds, and the tropical flowers and fauna surrounding you.
Stairs to Telaga tujuh and platform where we will start our Zpline, Locals say that the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are home to fairies, but really it is probably the gorgeous flora in the area that makes the place seem magical. Plant life here includes unique lime plants and Sintuk, a climbing type of foliage, which grow abundantly.
Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls is billed as the island’s most wonderful natural attraction. Set on Langkawi’s western headlands, its name means Seven Wells Waterfalls, referring to a series of seven connected natural pools fed by seven separate waterfalls in Mount Mat Cincang.
Umgawa’s Zipline Eco Tour features. Spend approximately 1 - 2 1/2 hours on a once-in-a-lifetime zipline canopy course. The course includes 6 or 12 ziplines, 3 sky-bridges, a steep descent, spectacular views and exotic native wildlife.
For an unforgettable and thrilling experience on the legendary island of Langkawi, strap on for an Umgawa adventure!, Size is more of a limitation than age. Each person needs to fit safely in the harness. That said, recommend 5 years of age as the minimum. There is no limitation for older people being able to fly because of age. As long as you can climb the staircase to get up to the ziplines you can do it.
The first Zipline Eco-Canopy Tour starts at 8:30am to 4:30pm (16:30). The Tour is available seven days per week, with no holiday closures. The last tour of the day is mostly dependent on having daylight so the last tour time may vary by the time of the year. Flip flops are not recommended but can be securely attached by our staff, please wear athletic or closed toe shoes, I would like  recommend to bring sunblock and insect repellant, sunglasses with strap, shorts and bathing suits are Ok.

Call at: +60 4950 2828  or +60 1343 8900. Or drop as an email at


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