Exploring Malacca 2018 | Malaysia

-Have You been to Malacca?
-How many times you been to Malacca?
-How well you know about Malacca?
-Where have you been when you are in Malacca?

You can Let me know by Commenting Below or Suggest me where should I visit, I might be there to explore on my next visit.
As Malaysian, I bet everyone visited Malacca for many Times same as like me. I been to Malacca for several time and been visiting new places all the time and in this article, I will be visiting some places that I went before and most the place I haven't. The place That I haven't been doesn't mean you haven't been, you might have been or you might Haven't been. Let's Go Through with some simple detail of the places.

one thing that I notice about business hour at Malacca since been here for so many times, Great Foods and Places are open several hours only. You can't Expect them operating for the whole day, to explore Malacca with more excitement without disappointment Please do some homework.
We depart around 8AM From Kuala Lumpur and reach about 10.30PM, We stop at Restoran Kok Keong 板底街芋饭肉羹汤 for Brunch. Some sort like Bak Kut Teh, Tempting  bak kut teh soup base and Yam Rice. differentiate is added soft Beancurds and Marinated meat that soft with juicy tender. Affortable Price and worth it to try, Four of us spend RM30++ With Drinks.

Restoran Kok Keong 板底街芋饭肉羹汤
Mon - Sat 8AM - 2PM (Closed on Sunday)

Encore Malacca is the new Attraction spot that located at Kota Syahbandar In Malacca, presenting a mesmerising performance with a series of touching life stories of the locals. Our visiting to Encore Malacca is just for photo taking Purpose, Encore Malacca have the most stunning building for Instagram worthy spot.

The show is available on evening at 5:30PM & 8.30PM Mon - Sat, 2.30PM & 5.30PM  on Sunday.

For sure everyone knows about Klebang Original Coconut Shake, If you don't I don't know what to say. Here must have to drink Coconut Shake and tea time delight(kuih-muih) made by the locals. Crowded all the time but no worries for table, patron in & out quite fast.

Klebang Original Coconut Shake
Sat - Thu 11AM - 6.30PM
Fri 2.30PM - 6.30PM

Must try One of the most Unique Capsule In Malacca, Riccarton Capsule Jonkerview Cottage. Heard there was few more capsule hotel in Malacca but trust me, try this before you try others. This Spaceship bourne Capsule would gave you a outstanding experience, only 20m walk to Jonker street. Read More.... 

Heesan Kopi | 囍叁隔壁, The Top 10 cafe listed must visit when in Malacca. The girls says these places are worth for instagram photo taking, You know "Lah", Ladies always is about instagram, instagram and instagram. This cafe located along Jalan Hang Jebat a.k.a Jonker Street, can be spot easily with the stunning 1880's Baba Nyonya Building.

Heesan Kopi |  囍叁隔壁
Open Daily 9AM-7PM 

Street Food | Stinky Beancurd @ Jonker Street  
The most Famous Putu Piring In Malacca, They call themself Putu Piring Tengkera a.k.a Putu Piring Melaka located along Jalan Tengkara. You can found this at jonker street too but not from this original Putu Piring Tengkera, Some says the other one is better and I don't know which is the one because the informer just told " There, there, along the what what road". No exact name or address been given...wuahahaha

Putu Piring is a type of steamed rice cake with coconut, a fragrant palm-sized round dessert made from rice flour, melted palm sugar (gula melaka) and freshly grated coconut, and pressed onto a small piece of banana leaf.

Putu Piring Tengkera
Mon - Sat, 6PM - 10PM
Closed on Sunday

Randomly choose while Passby food paradise in the Jonker street, Planned to get these clams at Longkang Siham or other famous places but seems here also served Live clams. Honestly speaking, Clams are all the same everywhere, It just how awesome the dip sauce was. The sauce surprises me and what I can say is awesome. 

The Fully new Renovated Stand Alone building is now own by H&M, Every Instagramer Like me made this spot as "must take photo spot" when you are at Malacca.
Hoe Kee Chicken Rice -和記雞飯,  Chicken Rice Ball Is common In Mallaca, If you haven't try One of them then give it try. There is nothing special about the chicken or the rice, They just roll the rice become a ball like Sushi Rice. I had ate it for few times before, Since we at Malacca no harm to have it again and again.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice-和記雞飯
Open Daily 9AM - 4PM

During the Cafe hopping, We stop by at NAVY Cafe that hidden at one of the alley along the Jonker street. Actually we suppose to visit the famous cafe nearby NAVY Cafe called The DAILY Fix but the cafe is packed with crowd and need to wait about one hour to be get seated. Feel disappointed during the three times visit, Heard that they have a stunning classic environment around and their Special with Gula Melaka Latte. I really haven't tried that before but guess what, NAVY Cafe serving this Gula Melaka Latte too. No need to queue and no need to wait, Become famous is not a good thing. The Pink Cuppa is the Gula Melaka Latte, Latte is awesome when combine with Gula Melaka. Seriousy, I have fall in love with this Gula Melaka Latte. Belum Try Belun Tau!!

Navy Cafe
Tue - Sun, 9AM - 6PM
Closed on Monday

My friend notice me that there's a Wan Tan Mee stall just beside NAVY Cafe, It's look nice when we passby ealier. Kinda Packed but we manage to get a table and make orders. Since we was eating from the morning, we only ordered two plate of Wan Tan Mee for food testing. Surprisingly The soy sauce is something different from others, considered delicious dishes.
Bunga Raya Popiah, The one and only Pork Lard Popiah im Malacca. Each popiah is filled with generous combination of eggs, bean sprouts, turnips, bean curds, peanuts, pork lards and dressed with sweet and chili sauce. The crispy and fragrant pork lard used definitely played a big role in making this popiah special. RM5 per piece.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, This article is all about foods and places that I been for two day one night. Luckily my friends are humble for foods, this what makes me much more opportunity to try the foods above. I didn't share about Restaurant Pak Putra because I forget to take any photo about it but what I can tell you is you must must must try it out, they have the best Tandoori Chicken and naans in Malacca Or I can say it in Malaysia. Highly recommended!!


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