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It's been 2 weeks since I came back from my 6 Days 5 Night bangkok trip and I'm in love with that place, I seriously don't mind going back there again because i damm love their custom department! It was my 6th time in Thailand but it's my first time visit bangkok and pattaya.
Bangkok trip with my Family and cousin , It is definitely a very memorable trip for us, being our 1st trip together out of the country..Our flight was 07.50p.m and arrive at 8.55p.m (thai local time), Two hour flight and everything was smooth as wish...

Arrive and excited !!! 
Touch down Don Mueng Bangkok International airport , as normal procedure cHOP passport , pick up luggage and bla bla bla...

once the most excited moment comes , sure there's something will happen....

After done pick up our luggage on trolley , we heading to main door of airport , Before reaching the main door we been stop by airport customs and force us go in their office , we was freak out what we have done....

They took our passport and checking every corner of our luggage , in the end they say we over purchase carton of cigarette and tax will be fined for 38k Baht...

we bought eight carton of cigarette and we have 8 person total , I shown eight passport , so what wrong with the over purchase...

"Custom Officer" - one person only can purchase one carton of cigarette and bring out one carton of cigarette , if bring more than that you will be fined...

WTF!! , all the officers here was stubborn and we are tourist for god sake!! , we been hold and trying to figure things out for an hours

"Custom Officer" - we give you two option , pay the fined and walk off or , 2.stay few hour in police lockup and attend court on the next day....This is thailand 

After last Few minute of bargain , they give us an offer by giving back us two carton and fined charges on six other carton and it gonna be 28k Baht Of fined ....okay ,fine..we pay the total fined of 28k Baht in total tax that been charge....meanwhile when we paying our fined , there also other tourist from china and taiwan that been caught for over purchase of cigarette....

I been traveling to thailand for so many times and this was my first and most pricy experience that I had....

Please spread out or pass this notice to your beloved family and friends to avoid this stupid things with no reason that person one carton of cigarette on hand while going out to airport main door from luggage pick up....WARNING!!

Hip Hotel 
Check In at 11p.m , This 3-star hotel is also within walking distance to the Huay Kwang subway station, providing guests with easy access throughout Bangkok.

After the incident , family member keep repeating the incident and I said "dONT THINK ABOUT the past , just pretend we drop the money somewhere ." 

After get a hot bath , we all head to seven eleven that located just opposite our hotel as we know in thailand , seven eleven is everywhere at the corner...we get alot foods for Supper and the food that I miss on last visit on Chiang Mai 

Morning call at 6 a.m , had our 1st breakfast in bangkok that provided by The Hip Coffee Shop with an American buffet breakfast
Started the journey at 7.30 a.m to the 1st stop 

Maeklong Railway Market   
The train passes 3 times a day so do check out the schedule before heading down.The train stops for 20 minutes and one can take pictures on the train - very old-style and exotic. 

This train market is definitely worth to visit even that 1 hour drive to out of Bangkok!  
The most famous of the floating markets is Damnoen Saduak, about 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. This buzzing market is at its best in the early morning before the crowds arrive and the heat of the day builds up. 

Lunch time sharp at 1 pm , Thai local 'ah cong' bring us to this famous Volcano Prawn restaurant to dine our lunch was something special when the shrimp burn up with rice wine...

Erawan Shrine (Four-Faced Buddha)
Next Stop , The Erawan Shrine (ศาลพระพรหม, San Phra Phrom) is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok , that houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu creation god Brahma. A popular tourist attraction...
View of  the most busy Road in Bangkok that Traffic jam on 24/7
Christmas Theme at Amarin Plaza
(MCD)Only In Thailand
Snoopy is the most popular guy in town this Christmas fever at the Central World Bangkok and he's everywhere! 
They are featuring the best displays in town to mark the festive season again this year, and judging from this photo, Central World should be rechristened as Snoopy World!
10 metre high Snoopy balloon in front of Central World on Rama I Road is a sight to behold! 

Mirama Hot Pot Seafood
It's Dinner time , Travelling for whole day that feel tired and Hungry...

one of the more popular restaurant joints in the Silom Plaza Area in Bang Rak District is the Mirama Hot Pot and Seafood Restaurant, situated at the ground floor. this hot pot and seafood restaurant speclializez in assorted chinese cantonese seafood dishes plus assorted hot pot, particularly the Sze Chuan Syle.

PatPong Night Bazaar
Patpong's become one of the 'must' night shopping destinations for avid shoppers. Found in the built-up area known as Silom, the place is always busy and chaotic with all the commotion from the Go-Go bars nearby and lots of foreign tourists.

#End Of #Day 2 


#Good Morning!!
Breakfast as usual At Hotel and start our Next destination To PATTAYA For two day Trip...

While On the way To Pattaya We stop at chon buri and Visit This Open Zoo , The was alot of different animal in this zoo as resident..... 

Two hour Drive From Bangkok To Pattaya and Few visit stops in between total takes us about four hours to reach Pattaya and had dinner before we check in to our The Seasons Hotel .....

We spend two days two nights at pattaya, Please Click here to know more about my pattaya Visit             


Back To Bangkok at evening from Pattaya......

Asiatique The Riverfront
"Ah Cong " Bring us here and spent 4 hours at this nice place.....

Asiatique has successfully combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city: a night bazaar and a mall. 

Bangkok Cha-Da Hotel 
Check In At 9 p.m At cha-DA hotel , Seriously this is a nice hotel and I didn't have any issues with the place and Very basic hotel but clean , rooftop pool was lovely. Staff was very helpful and friendly.

Pracharat Bamphen
After we took a bath and walk down to night market that walking distance about 500 meter from our hotel andthey name it Huai Khwang Night Market.....

They serve pretty good food and are priced reasonably. The crowd there are mainly locals and those that finish up their visit/work at the night spots nearby.   

This market is for cheap clothes and womens accessories. The market is all night long and it is made for girls. It is not as commercialized as other famous markets but it has many good and interesting products you get same as other places and won't miss for foot massage as well for 150 baht only 


Last day in Bangkok , Wake up abit late today and have the last breakfast at hotel , continue shopping and visiting since my flight was at night...

Baiyoke Sky hotel

We reached Baiyoke Sky Hotel around 12pm and we had the lunch hour from 11am till 3pm daily, while the dinner starts from 5.30pm till 11pm. which was 800 baht per person . quite worth for the price because it included 360 Revolving view point at 84th floor.

Last visit , Fresh produce has made way for fashion wear, textiles and accessories, but they are still sold at strictly local prices. Endless small alleyways are packed with literally thousands of fashion stores, and they are so cheap because most of them actually sell at wholesale rates.
We Shop Till dROP at 7p.m , After enjoying six days in Bangkok and pattaya , it's time for us to go back to malaysia . everyone was satisfy with the itinerary. And I really miss all the delicious Thai cuisines and street snacks and not to forget my favourite Mango Sticky Rice....definitely Will come back again to bangkok in another two years(maybe). 

Not much to say when comes to the end of the trip , what I wanna say is the same as everyone , #byebye #gonna miss it #bla bla.......


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