King Cobra, Chiang Mai | Thailand

Whilst the King Cobra is not the most poisonous snake in the World it is the World’s largest poisonous snake. Billed as ‘the most exciting snake show in the World’, the King Cobra snake show in Chiang Mai is certainly a popular attraction.

Thailand is the habitat for several varieties of venomous snakes as well as many harmless species. The poisonous snakes that are indigenous to Thailand are cobra, king cobra, banded krait, Russell's viper, some pit vipers and many of the thirty species of sea snakes.

Many snake farms extract venom from the snakes in order to study and develop anti-venom serum to treat snake bite victims. The normal procedure for extracting the venom is through the use of a glass receptacle with a membrane cover. The snake handler holds the snake just behind the head and places the glass receptacle for the snake to bite into the membrane. The venom flows into the glass receptacle. The venom is then used to make the vaccines. Sometimes snakes are also bred at the farms.

Typically shows at the farms are partly educational with demonstrations on what to do if you encounter a snake in the wild or get bitten by one. The rest of the show involves snake handlers charming and performing stunts with poisonous snakes (pit vipers and especially cobras) and the handler will no doubt kiss a king cobra on its head.

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