Maerim Shooting Range & Orchid And Butterfly Farm, Chiang Mai | Thailand

The Shooting Club is the largest shooting range in Northern Thailand . for pistols, rifles and semi-automatics. They have a wide range of guns to choose from , at least 15 different types and plenty to go around. Additionally, safety equipment and professional instruction are also provided. In fact, every shooter at The Shooting Club is provided with an individual instructor from the military base where the range is located and it was free of charge.
I chose a Colt 45. Dreams of precision and skill swirled around in my mind .
Handling each one with care as he taught me how to load properly and display the gun once the clip had been emptied. I was ready to go!

I geared up with my hearing protection and felt a rush of excitement as I took aim at my target. After setting my sights on the bull's-eye I began to squeeze the trigger.

Open 365 days a year from 8.30am to 5.30pm, The Shooting Club is a reliable, adventurous choice for holiday fun. The range also includes a recreation room and families are welcome. Air rifles are available for children as young as six years old and plastic bullets and shotguns are also available for hire. At 1,700 baht for gun rental and ammunition, prices here are fair and competitive with those of other provinces, and the quality of staff and overall experience make The Shooting Club an easy target.


Located near each other in Mae Rim district is a cluster of four orchid and butterfly farms offering you chances to witness the beauties of different types of orchids as well as colorful butterflies. Among the four, Sai Nam Phueng Farm is Chiang Mai’s largest orchid farm while the other three: Mae Rim Orchid, Suan Bua Mae Sa and Bai Orchid & Butterfly also offer different vibes and ambiences.

Nice place to spend an hour or so. Beautiful orchids in a wonderful tropical garden setting with paths and ponds, there is also an enclosed area with butterflies. 


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