Maetaeng Elephant Park, Chiang Mai | Thailand

The Chailert family are well known for their knowledge, respect, love for the elephants, as well the environment here in Maetaman valley. “We are devoted to the long term future of the elephants and those who care for them”.
At Maetaeng Elephant Park we have a great success rate in the birth of baby elephants, but as with all births there can be complications.The most common issue are Breached Births where the baby has turned sideways in the womb.Without specialist assistance, these calves will end up still born and the mother could suffer permanent damage.

The Maetaeng Elephant Show
Well certainly you will be surprised by how clever these elephants and their Mahouts are.Here are some of the things you will enjoy at the Maetaeng Elephant Park show.
Log hauling , Log stacking , Playing musical instruments , Elephant dancing , Elephant tricks , Elephant football....
We guarantee that this will make you laugh as well as impress you with the amazing abilities of these fabulous animals.
Elephant painting
The paintings that the elephants create are available for sale at the end of the show and in the Elephant Art shop in the park. They can also be bought online too. All proceeds of the sale of the elephant paintings goes directly towards the support of our elephant clinic which offers FREE care to all the elephants in this area. Own some incredible and unique elephant art and at the same time actively contribute to the welfare of the elephants in our area
Elephant Riding In Northern Thailand

These Maetaeng elephants will take you on an unforgettable journey walking with their incredible sure footed swaying motion through rivers and forests and back to the park.

Along the way local villagers have set up stalls to sell food for you to feed to your elephant. We do not encourage this as the elephants then get upset if they get to these stalls without being fed something. We are trying to work with the local villagers to find a better solution. In the meantime feel free to treat your wonderful elephant to a snack along the way.

This time I Skip the elephant riding Because I had my experience at Elephant Riding Camp At Phuket,Thailand
So , This Time I just hANG Around take photo of them and all the elephants activities around....
Baby elephant Enjoying THe bath 
The Maetaeng Elephant Park offers the greatest, up-close elephant experience in Northern Thailand , The Mahout Elephant Experience, Bamboo Rafting, Ox Cart rides, an introduction to Rural life in Thailand, and more.    

Maetaeng Elephant Park Restaurant
They also provide All home cooked onsite and fresh buffet lunches are bound to fill me up . variety choices to be had...
Maetaeng Elephant Park, 
35/1 Moonmuang Road, T.Prasing, 
A.Muang, Chiangmai, 
Thailand, 50200
Phone: 084 6120772


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