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Lingga Islands or Lingga Archipelago are a group of islands in Indonesia, that located in the south of Singapore, along both sides of the equator, off the eastern coast of Riau Islands province, Sumatra. They are south of the populated Riau Archipelago, which known for the industrial island of Batam and the tourist-frequented island of Bintan.
To touch down on Lingga, We took ferry from Berjaya Waterfront that located at Stulang Laut Johor Bharu, Malaysia. At Berjaya Waterfront Level two, There are Two companys selling Ferry Tickets to Batam Harbour Bay and Berjaya. Ticket price are start from RM12+.++ to RM13+.++ two way per person.
There are 3 Ferry Operator that operate route between Stulang Laut Johor Bahru Malaysia and Batam Center Indonesia. They are Pintas Samudera, Citra Ferry and Indomas. It takes around two hours.

From Stulang Laut Johor Bahru to Batam Center
Below is the Ferry Schedule From Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal Stulang Laut Malaysia to Batam Center Ferry Terminal :

- 07:15 | 08:00 | 08:45 |09:30 | 10:15 | 11:00 | 11:45 | 12:30 | 13:15 | 14:00 | 14:45 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 17:30 | 18:30 Malaysia Time
They are 15 departure Trips per day (Stulang Laut to Batam Islands).

From Batam Center to Stulang Laut Johor Bahru
Following is the Ferry Schedule From Batam Center Ferry Terminal to Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal (BWFT) Stulang Laut Johor Bahru Malaysia :

- 06:30 | 07:15 | 08:00 | 08:45 | 09:30 | 10:15 | 11:00 | 11:45 | 12:30 | 13:15 | 14:00 | 14:45 | 15:45 | 16:45 | 17:45 Indonesia Time
They are 15 departure Trips per day (Batam Islands to Stulang Laut).

Get a Taxi price around 130k Rupiah ( RM3+.++) at Habour Bay to reach Telaga Punggur Ferry Terminal
From here we on ferry again to Jagoh (Dabo Singkep), it take about four hours of ferry ride. The ticket price is 245k Rupiah ( RM7+.++) one way, schedule for the time Eddy not sure.
After four ferry ride and finally we reach Lingga Island, we at Dabo Singkep one of the part in Lingga Island.
First stop we at one and the only Hot spring In Dabo Singkep Lingga, Wisata Pemandian Air Panas. natural hot spring & an infinity hot spring pool sitting on the edge. Revitalize your body and rejuvenate your soul while you soak in our natural hot spring pools. Heated deep within the earth, minerals from the colorless and odorless hot spring brings healing and curative powers.
Tonight, we are spending the night here at ONE HOTEL. The finest hotel in Dabo but not five star, clean hotel on the island. Rooms are simple with a TV, coffee and tea, Aircon and hot water. Staff are friendly and helpful. View from the room I got isn't great but at least the hotel is reasonably quiet at night. Also a number of places to drink near the hotel.
Dinner for the night, we get served on traditional Nasi Berlauk and entertained by Traditional Malay songs and dances during the night.
Pagoda Dabo Singkep, an octagonal building with a conical roof and surrounded by a pond, which was built during the tin mining past. Pagoda is also one place to unwind for Dabo Singkep and surrounding communities as well as recreation amenities located in the Bukit Timah area.
This building was abandoned so many years but now local governments have merenofasi back this place. an architectural art which fairly represents the community-owned luxury Singkep the first time. Now pagoda also be a place of artistic performances, exhibitions, painting and other activities.
We at Marquez beach around Afternoon to release baby sea turtle free to the ocean,  These baby sea turtles had recently hatched and were eager and ready to hit the waves. We cupped our hands over the top so the sea turtles wouldn’t crawl away from my bare hand. When everyone was ready we would release the babies. I watched my sea turtle crawling to reach the ocean’s edge. The waves lifted its little body into the water. Gently carrying him/her out to sea, I Wowed and said " Swim safe little one"!!
We are leaving Dabo Singkep From Pelabuhan Jagoh to Pelabuhan Tanjung Buton, Lingga. It takes 20 minute Ferry Ride.
Once we Reach Pelabuhan Tanjung Buton, Lingga. We were warm welcome by the locals with their traditional Dance (Silat).
Citus Damnah Palace at the present time is one of cultural tourism, nature tourism and education tourism in Regency Lingga. These foundation of building was planed by Sultan Muhammad Syah (1832-1841) and it was built at era of Sultan Muhammad Syah Government (1832-1857) It was planned as a palace to stay for sultan family.
From the Palace welcome us, a lunch done in the traditional style at Damnah Palace.
Our staycation hotel in Pekan Daik for the night. Although it is not high class, but it is aa cleanbudget hotel in urban areas.
The Rumah Tekat Tudung Manto Halimah is the special handicraft business in Daik Lingga. The building brought the traditional Lingga, Riau Malays head Tudung that has now become a cultural heritage of the archipelago. Tudung Manto has existed since the Kingdom of Johor, Riau, Lingga in 1816, and continues to flourish in the days of Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alamsyah I, and made a veil of manto as the Malay Customary Dress.
Jami Sultan Lingga Mosque is located in Daik Village Lingga District. This mosque is the remains of the Riau Sultanate of Lingga, built in the 1800s under the reign of Sultan Mahmud Syah III. Jami Sultan Lingga Mosque is a complex with the tomb of Sultan Mahmud Shah III, which is precisely at the back of the mosque.
Linggam Cahaya Museum is one of the museums located in Riau Archipelago, precisely in the Capital of Lingga District, Daik Lingga which holds a collection of Malay historical relics in Riau Lingga. The museum stores various collections of Damnah Kingdom. There are 4,906 collections stored in this Linggam Cahaya Museum. Most of these relic items are grants or grants from the Daik Lingga community.
Resun Waterfall is a tourism spot located in Resun Village, North Lingga District, Lingga Regency, Riau Islands Province. This tourism spot is most visited by local tourists especially on holidays.
Water on this tourism spot is so natural and crystal clear. This water comes from some rivers which are sourced from Mt. Daik. Besides that, this tourism spot is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are big and tall trees growing around this waterfall. Water gurgling combined with nature sounds represent a cool relaxation for soul soothing to every tourist who visits here. Resun Waterfall is 100 m high and has 45 degrees of waterfall's rocks.
Alright , Here Comes the end. Above are the places where I been and visited In Lingga, Pulau Lingga seems very interesting and we are planning to go there in the near future.


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