Ah Fatt Kelong , Pulau Aceh


A 3 day 2 night Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing Trip that been planned a month ago and finally the day has comes that made us excited to be there...In this Fishing trip there was 5 of us in one car that drive all the the way From Petaling jaya To Jetty Pantai Penyabong , Johor.
From 6.30a.m petaling jaya to Jetty Pantai Penyabong , Johor at 1.30pm took us about 7 hours For 530KM As we took north-south plus highway and EXIT At Ayer Hitam Off highway.
As we can see MERSING signboard for a left Turn and before heading Straight To MERSING , We turn Right once we reach KLUANG town and then Straight Heading To KOTA TINNGI , Why we going KOTA TINGGI??

Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh 强记肉骨茶
This the reason why we purposely turn to KOTA TINNGI , The famous , famous and most famous Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh 强记肉骨茶 that crowded with human being all the time.
After done our Lunch , we continue or journey To MERSING by using Jalan Jemaluang...Old road that not really comfortable along the way.
Just Like Roller coaster
Most Of the way is single lane and sharp corner turn all the way
From Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh 强记肉骨茶 , we spend  almost 1 1/2 hours drive 78.4KM For turn left and right , bump up and down to reach JALAN ENDAU MERSING , turn right to KAMPUNG TENGLU  and then drive another half hour 26KM to JETTY PANTAI PENYABONG.
Finally We found the jetty and lost out there for half hours because of the GPS lost track while finding the way to there.
This the boat that transfer us From Jetty to kelong Resort for 15 minute 
Ber-pattern 1st 
Jetty Pantai penyabong 
This is KELONG ACHEH , Heard my friend says that most pancing kaki here is malay , and abit expensive than AH FATT KELONG.
Wreck fisherman boat at the sea shore 
Here we are AH FATT KELONG , just not far from KELONG ACHEH....
From here can view each other , The package here was RM200 3 day 2 night stay include Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner and supper , Oh ya , they prepare coffee , Tea , Biscuit , warm and hot water for 24 hours at pantry in case anyone that hungry in middle of no where.

The Dorm
They Rent out fishing Rod RM45 for those didn't bring or not a pancing kaki for fishing for fun at here....the fishing Rod that we rented is just for maximum 1kg fish and the fishhook was so mini....

One of my hobby is fishing but I haven't get my fishing gear Because this was my second time for sea fishing , So , I temporary Rent fishing rod and try my luck and don't worry , I will get to buy fishing gear and complete set of fishook and others accessories when comes 3rd time of sea fishing in the future..... 

I didn't took much more photo on the 1st day ,  abit tiring and excited to fishing , put a side my baby nikon and only fishing Rod on my hand for the whole evening till dinner.....

Day 2  

Wakes at 7.30 a.m and breakfat will be prepare at 8 a.m , and will heard the bell rang.....
One thing to remind here , there was no american breakfast as hotel in the city , No toast butter and jam , No koko cruch or creamer for coffee...Just simple here.
After Breakfast , everyone preparing fishing gear for hunt again, A kind pro pancing kaki uncle teach us alot about how to manage the fish hook.
When I waited too long without getting anything big and it is Time for my baby Nikon to come out and capture all the moment here.
HAH!! , this the bell they rang when the meal are prepared.....Here comes the lunch
Live prawn as the bait...here the lucks comes when I take over my friend fishing rod .... 3 kg but don't know what the name of this fish....hehe
You can see this small fish all around the Kelong and easy to get....the day getting dark and waiting the bell to rang again for dinner.

All the seafood that they serve is fresh enough 
After Dinner , I grab a chair and sat at one of the corner of Kelong , the sea wind is blowing non stop and feel very comfortable till I can fall asleep.
Night View At Ah Fatt Kelong

Day 3 , Last day

As usual , we all wake at 7.30 a.m brush my teeth and had the breakfast that been prepared by them .... fried kuey tiew on menu...

After breakfast , everyone continue trying on their luck till time out....
White bellied sea eagle been spot , They feed on fish and sea snakes, which they catch by skimming over the water and catching their prey with their talons. 
My fren get a baby grouper , we let it go back to the sea....
Last Lunch Before heading back and we check out at 1 p.m , Finally the enjoyable trip was end....

This time We heading back to Petaling Jaya By using another way that heading to Endau => Kuala Rompin => Pekan => Gambang and then go on Karak Highway....
We Stop By at Lanjut Golden Beach resort , Rompin to hang out a while 
Alot people out there don't know about BUAH KERANJI even myself , after I doNE some research , BUAH KERANJI have a story behind about it " BUAH KERANJI DALAM PERAHU ".... BUAH KERANJI taste sweet and sour , KERANJI trees only can be found in deep forest and sold by orang asli at roadside all the way at Rompin....won't be found in KL City.


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