Gili Trawangan Night Market


The Gili Trawangan night market is the main public dining spot on this favourite backpacker’s island retreat, catering to budget travellers well with its open-air food stalls and traditional warung style cafeterias. The night market opens just before sunset, satisfying those cravings for seafood and local delights with a good variety of menu items to choose from .

While many local warungs selling cheap traditional Sasak cuisine and Indonesian favourites line the main southern beach street and elsewhere around the island, the Gili Trawangan night market is where you can score a one-stop experience, where different stalls open up showcasing fresh catches of the day together with grilled meats, Chinese wok-fries, and all-time favourite Indonesian favourites such as nasi goreng fried rice, soto ayam chicken broth, and bakso meatball soup .

About 6 p.m. daily at the market square in front of the boat pier on Gili Trawangan the night market takes place where you can eat well and cheaply.  A wide range of various specialties is offered such as fresh fish, seafood, Sate of all kinds, different rice and noodle dishes, vegetables, grilled corn on the cob and much more .

You Queue in line and point to whatever dishes you want to try . They then load the side dish up on your plate and charge you based on the individual side dishes you take . After you order and pay for your food , you sit down at seating area and join with other tourists while enjoying my meal . Great food awith simple crowd atmosphere , highly recommend to be there atleast once during the stay . Reminder * it’s only open at night .


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