Ko Tao, Thailand


A new beginning of the 2017 and a great start up for the year by traveling to Koh Tao on the first quarter of the year and first week in January . Koh Tao island is the smallest island between Koh Samui , Koh Pha ngan and Koh Tao . The island is consistently gaining popularity and well known for scuba diving and snorkeling , as well as hiking , rock climbing , and bouldering . The most popular place for tourists is Sairee beach on the west coast .
Excited feelings begin when arriving at the path Of KLIA2 , I'm a person that really loves into islands , beaches , relaxing and Bikini ,Hahaha .  Koh Tao is a new place and first time visit for me to explore , Before the days comes I had made a complete full survey of the island and also about the transportation to destination . Hotel Booking in advanced and activities to do while on the Beautiful Island . The stunning Photos on the internet makes me confidence with high expectation and Can't wait to see the beauty of Mother nature . Koh Tao Island was recommended by my friend since they have a great vacation back then , Before that I actually planned to Koh Samui but after my friend gave some great feedback about Koh Tao , Why not have a try ?  

Nowadays heard that Koh Samui was crowded with China Tourist and become a common tourist vacation destination since it was develop much more earlier than Koh Tao and Koh Pha ngan . After a short considering , I announce to my friends that we are going to Koh Tao indeed of Koh Samui .

Since everyone here is single , we plan it as only men trip and no women allowed . This Doesn't means that we going there for any hanky panky wild party .
My all time favourite Traveling Flight Air Asia(AA) " Now everyone can fly " , Getting to Koh Samui , Koh Pha ngan and Koh Tao from malaysia is touch down at the Surat Thani mainland . AA only Offers one flight scheduled in two days at 11:55am , it takes one and a half hour Departure from KLIA2 to reach Surat Thani international Airport . - Flight Ticket RM128
Arrival at Surat Thani International Airport(URT) 12:30PM (Thai Time) , The weather when we touch down is just nice . Lining in long Que because there was only three immigration officers that handling more than hundred people at the passport check point , takes time till my turn and wasting my time .
After Luggage pick up straight away rushing to this transportation ticket booth , http://www.lomprayah.com/ offers great deals . will slightly abit pricy but faster than others because Lomprayah use High Speed Ferries and one time purchase round trip package include Bas ride directly to Pier , Only Lomprayah High Speed Ferries Co.Ltd. operating time suitable for us when arrive Surat Thani Airport . Departing at 01:30PM from Surat Thani Airport and arrive Pier around 4:00PM . This is the last transportation from airport to Koh Tao Island .
From : Surat Thani (Airport) To : Koh Tao

08:30                  14:15                 850 (Adult)
                                                    430 (Children)
13:30                  18:45                 950 (Adult)
                                                        480 (Children)

From : Koh Tao To : Surat Thani (Airport)

  06:00                  10:45               1,000 (Adult)
                                                       500 (Children)
    09:30                15:45                                900 (Adult)
                                                       450 (Children)

We get the Round trip Package Departing From Surat Thani Airport at 01:30PM By Lomprayah Bus service then reach at Donsak Pier around 04:00PM , From Donsak Pier By Lomprayah High Speed Ferries arriving Koh Tao at 07:00PM - Cost 950Baht ( RM120 ) .

We Return From Koh Tao at 06:00AM BY Lomprayah High Speed Ferries then reach Donsak Pier at 09:15AM , From Donsak Pier By Lomprayah Bus service reach Surat Thani Airport around 10:45AM - Cost 1000Baht ( RM126 ) .
From Donsak Pier , the High speed ferries will stop at three island Koh Samui , Koh Pha ngan and Koh Tao . the first stop takes one hour to reach Koh Samui , Another half hour to the next island Koh Pha ngan . one half hour to arrive Koh Tao Island and it's gonna be the last stop , total boat ride takes about three hours and arrive Songserm Pier of Koh Tao . Everyone gets sea sickness when the wave hits the ferry all the way while on ocean , as my advice get to buy some sea sickness pills before on board . They are not selling or supplying any sea sickness pills while on board .
We Check in this hotel name Sairee Seaview Hotel , The hotel located abit inner along Sairee Beach and they also offers pick up from pier to hotel for 200Baht( RM25) one way . The rate for one night stay on this peak season is RM188 per night that brought it from Agoda , Located away 10 minute walk from the Busy street(where Bars/foods/7-eleven located ) and 5 minute walk away the shore . 10 - 15 minutes walk needed everyday for Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner , you can rent a motorcycle for 200Baht(RM 25) per day from the hotel . The risk of renting a motorcycle anywhere in Koh Tao is they will request and keep your passport as deposit , so kindly ride carefully without any accidents . I rented the motorcycle from my Hotel , so the hotel receptionist kept my passport until I return the motorcycle . The room was clean at Sairee Seaview Hotel but the Furniture Looks kinda old and every night when I slept I afraid the bed frame will fall down Not either dare to jump on it , Hahahaha . There is a room booking issue Happens during my visit about Agoda.com offers a confusing deal option of Pay now and Pay at counter , Long story then.

Mama Piyaman's Original Thai Food
After the Check In and get a refreshment bath , we walk down to the street and fulfill our stomach with foods , by walking through some western Restaurant we found out this small shop located on the right that serve Local thai foods . And this what we looking for , So we find a spot to seat and enjoyed the Mama's local cooks . 
Woke up in the morning with excited mood and thought of exploring part of the island but the sky dropping rain on the island so heavily , nothing can be do except chilling in the hotel till afternoon . when stomach feel hungry for lunch , out there still raining heavily . after consideration and discuss , I rented a Motorcycle from the hotel and ride through the rain and get lunch for us .
The street was flooded by the heavy rain , after bought the lunch , we can't go back to hotel due the flood water rising high . there's a risk for motocylce passing through the flood , so we park it at safety spot that the flood water can't come through . We spend an hour there to see if the situation getting better or not , after an hour pass the rain still not stopping and the water rise more higher that makes me in worried . The flood forces me to walk back with foods that we bought back to hotel by dip into the high water till knee height .
Day after day hoping the rain will stop but it's doesn't stop at all , the rain been pouring for 96 hours non stop .  The street flooded for days and all the beach resorts been damage by rushing flood water to the ocean , hotel room covered with water - walk way structure been vanished and left amount of rubbish left over on the shore . The only activity can do is join those people pick up all the littering rubbish that wash up on the shore in to the rubbish bags .
It's supposed to be dry session on January but the unexpected weather screw everything and my holiday vacation visit . On the last day evening , the rain stopped for two hours then continue back around 8PM . In this vacation , I didn't take more than 20 photos with my DSLR due to no mood at all and afraid my Gears get into water because have no water resistant . My Gopro in action by taking some photo and video during the flood as memories .
Not easy to touch down on Ko tao island because of long hours ride that take one way for 1.5 hour flight + 1.5 hour bus + 3 hours Speed boat ferry = total of 6 hours plus , If round trip means 12 hours plus . Not everyone can take long hours ride , it may cause of feeling Dizzy , not feeling well and vomiting during or after all the rides .
Five days just ended by doing nothing , No awesome beach no stunning view , rubbish along the shore , broken resorts and flooded island . I definitely will come back here again maybe next year with carefully weather research .


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