Dayang Bunting Campsite, Langkawi

For all the camping lovers out there, new Campsite has been discovered at Dayang Bunting Island in Langkawi. Just 5 minute boat ride to reach this beautiful untouchable beach. Since it is a trend for camping or glamping this year, we found this new site from our travel agency buddy. And it is located one of the shore at Dayang Bunting Island.

For Further Information, Please Contact +60134323268 (PK) or +60182404505 (Adam Daniel)

Pulau Dayang Bunting, Langkawi’s second largest uninhabited island, Its name literally translates to ‘Isle of the Pregnant Maiden’ as it resembles the silhouette of a reclined pregnant lady from afar. Locals also believe barren women will become fertile after swimming in the freshwater lake on the island. Black sand can be spotted here too, this place consider private area and have their own jetty. 
Before the owner decide to make this place become Campsite, actually here is a destination for tourist to sat down to have their lunch for the island hoping tour. Since the Pandemic hit them hard during Covid-19, the owner decide to add another attraction to this place for camping lover out there.
Toilet area are located at back of the dining area, five ladies and 5 gentlemen toilet can be use for bathing refreshment as well. At this moment water supplies need to take from the large pail that located in front of the restroom, they will improve the water supplies into every toilet soon same goes to electricity for the whole area.
A wide place for at least can built up another 50 tent, you can bring your own tent or try to discuss with the owner if you need extra tent, great owner for negotiable. 
Before the day getting dark, we lit up the BBQ pit with dry wood stick and charcoal pros in duty.
FYI, Food are not provided. we bring our own food and drinks for BBQ dinner. With light pollution left hanging over the big city, camping is the perfect time to take advantage of the clear night sky to BBQ under the stars. Simply switch on a couple of dimly lit camping lights, take in the warm nighttime air and sit back as you enjoy your perfectly barbecued meal.
Campfires are the heart of a campsite. People seem to be naturally drawn to them. Whether we come to warm our hands, roast some s’mores, sing a few songs or share stories, a campfire gathers people close together.
Enjoy the scenic landscapes, picturesque environments and the priceless treasure of tranquility during the camp.

Last but not least, Thanks to QTT Travel Group for the wonderful arrangement and hospitality for the six days. Brings us for the good foods and great destination to visit. Delivering Cendol ice on the first day, breakfast on the following day and dinner. Makes me feels like VIP. 

If you need a best experience by visiting Langkawi with your loved one, Family or friend, don't feel hesitate to Contact Them. For further information, please contact +60134323268 (PK) or +60182404505 (Adam Daniel) .

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