Enjoy Watching World Cup at Singgah Pengerang That Organize Bola Kaw Party

Singgah Pengerang which is owned by a subsidiary of PETRONAS Berhad Cooperative (KOPETRO), KOPETRO Hotel & Resorts Sdn. Bhd., has organized a program 'Bola Kaw Party' which is a World Cup match screening session at Singgah Cafe by inviting the public to watch and cheer together here. Estimated more than 40 visitors including media influencers social (Influencer), residents of the Hotel in Singgah Pengerang as well as the guests who being around Pengerang have attended to enliven the program.

Guests present at this program consisting of various age groups have served with food prepared from Singgah Cafe. Also too make much more happening for the World Cup screening is having various other activities including mini-games, raffles with attractive prize offers, including giveaways limited edition football jersey.
Chief Executive Officer of KOPETRO, Mr. Ahmad Shakir bin Ahmad Ubaidah said, This program held for the first time to gather football fans to attend and socialize while watching their favorite team in action. "This football show is held through several series starting on December 9th (quarter-final stage), December 10th (quarter-final stage), December 14th (semi-final stage), December 17th (third and fourth place deciding match) and finally on December 18th for the final match," said Ahmad Shakir.

Ahmad Shakir added, in conjunction of the football spirit of this program as well and at the same time is aims to increase customer awareness of the hotel chain brand Singgah is owned by KOPETRO.
Singgah Pengerang is the second hotel after Singgahh Kertih, fully managed by KOPETRO Hotel & Resorts. In addition, also offers advisory services for other those who want to get hotel management services. The Singgah hotel chain features a boutique concept that targets groups executives working in the oil and gas sector in addition to business owners and local tourists.
Starting January 2021, KOPETRO Hotel & Resorts started to develop the brand Singgah by introducing Singgah Cafe in parallel with the opening of the branch hotels in Pengerang. by Serving a variety of local food and International, Singgah Cafe is the most suitable location to relax and spend the weekend enjoying food and drink premium class at a reasonable price.

For more information of the Singgah hotel chain and various packages accommodation offered, visit their website www.singgah.com.my or follow their Facebook and instagram @SinggahPengerang or email rsv.singgahpengerang@kopetro.com.my to make a reservation.


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