Langkawi MARDI Agrotechnology Park

The MARDI Langkawi Agro Technology Park aims to preserve the native Malaysian fruits and has a research centre to help the plants grow. Some of the fruits grown here include Mangoes, Mangosteen, Rambutan, Durian, Cempedak, Jackfruit, Dragon fruit, Star fruit and Rose apples. The tour of the farm takes you through the whole farm with pit-stops to show you the fruits and the trees and ends with a taste of the delicious fruits grown in the farm.

Visitors are escorted around the complex on a 30-minute tram tour, making several stops for the guide to explain current projects or specific fruit varieties, vegetables and herbs. Stops may include a grape garden, greenhouses with succulents and pineapples, honey collected from stingless bees, and a fruit buffet.
Langkawi is one of the famous tourism products in Langkawi, receiving frequent visits from both local and international tourists. The 27.39-hectare-park is opened to public to provide exposure on the use of modern technology in Malaysia’s agricultural industry. This park is also popular with its commercialised farms planted with a wide variety of fruit types.
Don't miss the 4-level observation tower behind the tram stop for panoramic views over Langkawi island and the sea. Next to the tower is a deer enclosure where you can buy food packs to hand-feed these gentle animals as well as giant catfish, located in a freshwater pond close to the greenhouses.

@eddyrush The ticket included a ride on seated truck, fruits tasting and orchard tour. This is the place to go if you want to see and experience local fruits. As the fruits are seasonal, you can see different types of fruits growing on trees. There are rambutans, durians, mangosteens, jackfruits and other smaller fruits. #QttGroupTravel #JupeterHolidays #KembaRojak #NaturallyLangkawi #LangkawiBestWey #JomMaiKedah #NatureBasedTraveler #EscapeToBeautifulNature #Langkawi99MagicalIslands #MardiLangkawi @qttravelsgroup @QTT Group Plt @KembaRojak ♬ Young and Free-Tropical Islands - Ivaylo Tsvetanov
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MARDI Langkawi akan melaksanakan program Replanting (Green Tourism) bagi Minggu Hijau Langkawi 1.0. Program terbuka kepada semua pada 26 Mei 2024 ini. Banyak program yang menarik yang akan di adakan berkaitan pertanian dan kehijauan. Dan paling best, peluang bagi sesiapa yang ingin membina moment kenangan anda di Langkawi, anda boleh bersama sama menyumbang bagi program penghijauan semula ini dengan hanya membeli pakej serendah RM150 sahaja dan nama anda akan di abadikan bersama pokok yang di sumbangkan. Wow.. Konfem best bila anda datang ke Langkawi sekali lagi dan anda boleh tunjukkan kepada kawan kawan dan keluarga anda pokok yang telah anda sumbangkan. Apa lagi, jom sama sama ambil bahagian menghijaukan kembali bumi kita ini. Replanting, Go Tourism untuk Minggu Hijau Langkawi.


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